What is a lamia?

What is a lamia?

Lamia, in Classical mythology, a female daemon who devoured children. The ancient commentaries on Aristophanes’ Peace say she was a queen of Libya who was beloved by Zeus.

Is a lamia a siren?

The lamia or lamina (plural: lamiak or laminak) is a siren or nereid-like creature in Basque mythology. Lamiak, laminak, or amilamiak are typically portrayed as living in and around rivers.

Is a Lamia a mermaid?

According to legend, the Lamia is a mermaid-like creature with either bird-like feet or a fish’s tail who dwells in mountain springs and streams. Here, in the notoriously misty forest glens of the Basque Country, she can be found combing her long blond hair with a golden comb.

Is Medusa a Lamia?

This Lamia of Libya has her double in Lamia-Sybaris of the legend around Delphi, both indirectly associated with serpents. Strong parallel with the Medusa has also been noted. These, and other considerations have prompted modern commentators to suggest she is a dragoness.

Who created Lamia?

ENCYCLOPEDIA. LA′MIA (Lamia). 1. A daughter of Poseidon, became by Zeus the mother of the Sibyl Herophile.

What is a lamia weapon?

A lamia, also known as a Mayhenian scourge, is a weapon named after the creature of the same name. It is described as a spiky and particularly cruel whip, and is forbidden in most civilized countries. The weapon collapses into a small disk, making it easy to conceal.

How was Lamia killed?

Lamia was a beautiful Libyan queen loved by Zeus. Thus, through no fault of her own, she incurred the wrath of Hera upon herself. Angry with Zeus’ interest for her, the goddess showed no mercy towards Lamia: every time the girl gave birth to a child, Hera either murdered it or made Lamia kill it herself.

Is Lamia and naga the same?

The short answer is that a lamia is from the Greek mythology while a naga is from the Hindu mythology. There are deeper differences however. E.g. the Naga are often described as shapechangers while Lamia are part human, part snake. Also a Lamia is usually only female,while the naga can be both male or female.

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What did Lamia do to the babies?

Weighed down by misfortune and “envying the happiness of all other women in their children,” Lamia began snatching new-born babies from their mothers’ arms; then she brought them to her cave, “thickly covered with ivy and briony,” and, there, people say, she ate them head to toe.

What is the story of Lamia in Greek mythology?

Lamia was a beautiful Libyan queen loved by Zeus. Thus, through no fault of her own, she incurred the wrath of Hera upon herself. Who were brothers and sisters of Lamia?

What are the different types of Lamia?

One type of rarer lamia was the lamia noble. These beings ruled over other lamias and the locations they inhabited. Unlike normal lamias, they had the lower bodies of serpents. Males fought with curved swords and magic, while females only used magic.