What is the difference between Gen Xers and Millennials?

What is the difference between Gen Xers and Millennials?

Following the lead of the Pew Research Center, I define millennials as individuals born between 1981 and 1996 and Generation X as individuals born between 1965 and 1980.

What did Baby Boomers do for fun?

Boomers participate in a mix of solitary and group activities such as tennis, golf, jogging, walking and aerobic exercise, to name a few. Because baby boomers were the first to be targeted by health advertisers on TV, it’s not surprising that they take their well-being seriously.

When were the snowflakes born?

Naturally, the question arises as to how these unique, outwardly beautiful, and harmless, crystallised structures have become a derogatory term ubiquitously associated with a generation, born between 1981-1996, said to be easily offended and lacking resilience.

How are millennials different from baby boomers?

Hundreds of former IBM employees are suing for age discrimination

  • A company executive allegedly referred to older employees as ‘dinobabies’ that should be an ‘extinct species’ in an email quoted in court filings
  • Another said the company’s ‘dated maternal workforce’ was something that ‘must change’,writing that they were ‘Not digital natives.
  • What is the age range for Generation X?

    Generation X: Born 1965-1980 (41-56 years old) Millennials: Born 1981-1996 (25-40 years old) Generation Z: Born 1997-2012 (9-24 years old) Generation Alpha: Born 2010-2025 (0-11 years old)

    What age group is Gen X?

    Generation X, also known as Gen X, the latchkey generation or, jokingly, the forgotten or middle child generation, consists of people born between 1965 and 1980 (ages 42-57 in 2022). Currently, Gen X comprises 20.6% of the US population, making them smaller than any other age demographic.

    What is Gen X and Boomers?

    Traditionalists—born 1925 to 1945

  • Baby Boomers—born 1946 to 1964
  • Generation X—born 1965 to 1980
  • Millennials—born 1981 to 2000
  • Generation Z—born 2001 to 2020