What is the easiest boss in Mega Man 4?

What is the easiest boss in Mega Man 4?

Toad Man Mega Buster
Toad Man Mega Buster First, we’ll take on Toad Man who is the easiest boss to defeat with the trusty Mega Buster. Be careful navigating his stage as the wind will push you at times; the Balloon might help with the trickier jumps.

How do you beat the final boss in Mega Man 4?

A tip for winning the fight. You can hit Wily with the charged Pharaoh Shot hovering over your head, and he’ll take damage – but when you let the attack button go, you’ll STILL fire a fully-charged Pharaoh shot! And it doesn’t use up any additional energy, either!

What is the password for Mega Man 4?


Effect Effect
A1, A4, B5, E2, E3, E4 All bosses defeated with no adaptors
A1 A4 B5 E2 F1 F3 Bright Man defeated
A3,A5,B3,C2,D1,F3 Bright Man defeated with both Adaptors.
A2 B4 B5 D2 E2 F3 Dive Man defeated

How do you beat wily in mm4?

The best way to attack the second form is with Drill Bomb or use the Mega Buster if the Drill Bomb has no energy left. Time it so bomb will denonate and the explosion hits the blue gem just below Wily. Do this enough times to defeat the Wily Machine.

How do you get the balloon in Mega Man 4?

Balloon (バルーン, Barūn) is an item that works in the same way as Item-1. It appears in Mega Man 4, in Pharaoh Man’s stage. The item can be found by traveling towards the right, across the extra desert, and is located amidst three rock platforms over the sand.

What are the bosses in Mega Man 4 (NES)?

Mega Man 4 (NES) Boss Guide 1 a. Dust Man 2 b. Toad Man 3 c. Dive Man 4 d. Skull Man 5 e. Drill Man 6 f. Bright Man 7 g. Pharaoh man 8 h. Ring Man. Boss Strategies (Cassock and Wiley Stages): Information on weaknesses and tactics for the fortress stage bosses. 9 a. Mothraya 10 b. Square Machine

Is Mega Man 4 hard to beat?

Although the boss order in other Mega Man games is often debated, Mega Man 4 is quite clear-cut. It’s still tough, though, so this guide will explore strategies to defeat the bosses along with their weaknesses and some nifty tricks.

How do I beat Dr Cossack Level 2?

This second Dr. Cossack level is one where you’ll need to use Rush Jet to get past a spike-floored area. After that, use a Drill Bomb to destroy the wall that blocks an E-Tank.

How do I beat Mega Man in the square machine?

There are two small platforms on the left and right side of the Square Machine that hover up and down. A red orb will appear in between the platforms near the top of the machine and start firing at Mega Man. Stand under one of the platforms and jump up just before the shot hits you, then jump up and fire the Dust Crusher at the orb.