What is an Airbus A400M Atlas?

What is an Airbus A400M Atlas?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The Airbus A400M Atlas is a European four-engine turboprop military transport aircraft. It was designed by Airbus Military (now Airbus Defence and Space) as a tactical airlifter with strategic capabilities to replace older transport aircraft, such as the Transall C-160 and the Lockheed C-130 Hercules.

Was ist der A400M der Luftwaffe der Armée de l’Air erstmals erreicht?

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What happened to the French A400Ms?

On 7 September 2018, the French Air and Space Force announced that they had logged 10,000 flying hours with their fleet of 14 A400Ms, mostly flying supply missions for Operation Barkhane. The German government had planned to sell the last 13 A400Ms out of its order of 53 aircraft but failed to attract any buyers.

Where is the A400M now?

Stationed in Belgium as a part of a bi-national fleet. First non-NATO country to purchase the A400M. Final A400M delivered in March 2017. Deliveries scheduled from 2024. Ordered two A400Ms to boost the country’s military airlift capabilities, contains an Option for four additional aircraft.

Which country has ordered two Airbus A400Ms from Airbus?

^ a b c d “The Republic of Kazakhstan orders two Airbus A400Ms”. Airbus. 1 September 2021. ^ “A400M price tag stays at RM600m each.”

Is the A400M the future of strategic airlift?

Current strategic aircraft are good outsize-load airlifters but are costly and have limited tactical capability as they cannot operate from soft fields. The A400M is a larger, more modern, truly versatile aircraft specifically designed for today’s requirements and those of the future.

What aircraft does the A400M replace?

The A400M (second from bottom) and aircraft it is intended to replace or complement C-130, C-130J-30 and C-17. The original partner nations were France, Germany, Italy, Spain, the United Kingdom, Turkey, Belgium, and Luxembourg.

How big is the cargo box on an Airbus A400M?

The cargo box is 17.71 m long excluding ramp, 4.00 m wide, and 3.85 m high (or 4.00 m aft of the wing). The maximum payload of 37 tonnes can be carried over 2,000 nmi. The A400M operates in many configurations including cargo transport, troop transport, and medical evacuation.