Are Saskatchewan courts open?

Are Saskatchewan courts open?

All court houses remain open to the public. Everyone attending the court house must take responsibility for their health and safety, and the health and safety of others with whom they may have contact.

What cases are heard in provincial court?

Cases heard in the Provincial Court fall into five main categories:

  • Criminal Cases.
  • Family Cases.
  • Youth Court Cases.
  • Small Claims Cases.
  • Traffic & Bylaw Cases.

Are court records public in Saskatchewan?

Court Resources The document “Public Access to Court Records in Saskatchewan: Guidelines for the Media and the Public” recognizes that public understanding, respect, and confidence in the administration of justice can be increased by facilitating media and public access to court records.

What are the levels of court in Saskatchewan?

There are three levels of court in Saskatchewan:

  • Provincial Court of Saskatchewan.
  • Court of Queen’s Bench for Saskatchewan.
  • Court of Appeal for Saskatchewan.

Can anyone watch a trial in Canada?

The Provincial Court welcomes people who want to watch what happens in its courtrooms. Public access to court proceedings is an important principle in Canada.

How many courts are in Saskatchewan?

three courts
Find links to written decisions in criminal and civil cases heard by Saskatchewan’s three courts.

Which court hears the most serious criminal cases in Canada?

The Superior Court of Justice
The Superior Court of Justice is a superior court of criminal jurisdiction. The Court has the power to try any indictable offence under the Criminal Code of Canada. However, the Superior Court generally only tries the most serious criminal offences.

What is the difference between federal and Provincial Court?

The Constitution of Canada gives the federal government the exclusive right to legislate criminal law, while the provinces have exclusive control over much of civil law. The provinces have jurisdiction over the Administration of Justice in their territory.

How do you address a judge in Saskatchewan?

Judges of Superior Courts Full title is: “The Honourable (full name) Judge of_______________ ”. In conversation: “Mr./Madam Justice (name)”. In letters: “Dear Mr./Madam Justice (name)”.

Can a witness refuse to testify in Canada?

If you refuse to answer a question Witnesses have to testify (tell the court what they know) by answering questions from either side or the judge. If a witness refuses to answer a question, the judge can find them in contempt of court and jail them.

What is the highest court in Saskatchewan?

The Saskatchewan Court of Appeal
Jurisdiction and structure The Saskatchewan Court of Appeal is the highest court in the province of Saskatchewan, Canada. There are 8 official judicial positions, including the Chief Justice, who make up the Court of Appeal.

What are the three provincial levels of court in Canada?

There are three levels of courts, similar to those described below, in every Canadian province: Provincial Court, Court of Queen’s Bench, and the Court of Appeal. Appeals can be made from a lower court to a higher court. There are also some federal courts that deal with matters such as citizenship and income tax.

What are three provincial courts in Canada?

How to contact the Regina provincial court office?

Regina Provincial Court Office Name Phone Fax Email Judicial Officers Fax 306-787-7281 Administrative Support Fax 306-787-7037 306-787-7037 Tara Castle Manager 306-787-9539 306-787-7037 [email protected] Samantha Leippi Supervisor 306-787-9662 306-787-7037

What is the new directive for Regina Traffic Safety Court?

The Court today issued a Directive Update that replaces its current Directive effective Sept. 7, 2021. The Update anticipates a return to normal Regina and Saskatoon Traffic Safety Courts will resume in-person hearings for first appearances Sept. 1, 2021. Individuals wishing to appear by phone will need to obtain permission in advance.

Do you have to wear a mask to court in Regina?

The Ministry of Justice’s ​Court Services Branch requires everyone attending a court facility to wear a mask and answer COVID-19-related screening questions. Justices of the Peace preside over Traffic Safety Court in Regina and Saskatoon on a full-time, weekly basis.

What is the Provincial Court’s responsibility to the public?

The Provincial Court is mindful of its responsibility, as an essential service, to continue to operate while taking reasonable steps to ensure the health and safety of those that work within the court facilities and the public.