What can I use instead of Adobe Shockwave Player?

What can I use instead of Adobe Shockwave Player?

There are three alternatives to Adobe Shockwave Player for Windows, Linux, Mac and Online / Web-based. The best alternative is Blitz3D, which is both free and Open Source. Other great apps like Adobe Shockwave Player are Blend4Web and Shubus Viewer.

What is the difference between Adobe Flash Player and Adobe Shockwave Player?

Q: The difference between the Adobe Shockwave and Flash Players? A: Shockwave Player displays content created with Adobe Director 11.5 software such as high-performance multiuser games, interactive 3D product simulations, online entertainment, and training applications.

Is Adobe Shockwave free?

The Shockwave Player displays web content created with Adobe Director. Q: How do I get Shockwave Player? A: The Shockwave Player is free, easy to get, and available to everyone on the web.

How do I get the shockwave stand-alone installer?

Shockwave stand-alone installer. To get the stand-alone installer, go to the alternates Shockwave page provided below. www.adobe.com/shockwave/download/alternates/#sp Note: Developers looking for the free Shockwave player licensing program, will need to fill out the licensing agreement. Once you have completed the agreement,…

Are there any previous versions of the Shockwave Player available?

These installers are for personal use only. They may not be redistributed. Adobe does not provide support for previous versions of the Shockwave players/installer. For installers of previous versions of the free Adobe Shockwave Player see Stand-alone installers for Shockwave Player: previous versions only (TechNote 18629).

What is Adobe Shockwave download and how to use it?

Similar to Windows Media Player Firefox Plugin, Adobe Shockwave download provides users with the ability to enjoy high-quality 3D multimedia. This is quite useful for people dealing with interactive applications or presentations involving a huge amount of calculations or charting.

Can I install Shockwave Player in a 64-bit Safari web browser?

Mac OS comes with Apple’s Safari Web browser pre-installed. The 64-bit version of the Safari browser includes a feature called a “compatibility layer” (a process that runs 32-bit plug-ins in the 64-bit application) so you can install Shockwave Player in a 64-bit Safari Web browser.