What does FCS stand for surfing?

What does FCS stand for surfing?

Fin Control System
FCS (Fin Control System) is a brand, as well as type, of fin set-up which allows for more versatility in the placement and style of the fins attached to a surfboard. The FCS style can be used as the traditional tri-fin placement, a four (quad), or a five fin set up.

What is the difference between FCS 1 and FCS 2?

FCSII is a pre-glass system (installed before the board is laminated) and is stronger than the original FCS system. The unique composite construction allows for an improved bond between the glass and the plug; boosting the impact strength.

Are FCS or futures better?

While FCS was almost the only choice at the beginning of the century, Futures has grown and improved its alternative fin concept. Surf fins enthusiasts feel that Futures fins are stronger, and when they break, it’s usually in the base. All you need to do is replace the fin instead of repairing the surfboard.

What is the difference between futures and FCS?

Futures Fins System Unlike the FCS, Futures use a single-tab system for its fins. Each of the fins is secured with an angled screw. Due to the fact that the fins have a single case, they have a firmer connection to the board, resulting in a less flex that makes it stronger and more unlikely to break.

Will FCS 2 fins fit FCS 1 plugs?

Compatibility notice: FCS 1 fins WILL work with FCS 2 fin boxes when using a compatibility kit. But an FCS 2 fin WILL NOT fit into a FCS 1 fin box.

Can you use FCS in FCS 2?

Yes, you can use all your existing FCS fins with the FCSII system. The FCSII plugs are backwards compatible – grub screws can be used within the FCSII plugs to secure your existing dual tab FCS fins.

Can I use FCS fins in FCS 2?

Do FCS 2 fins fall out?

I’ve had the issue of FCS fins falling out of the FCS II fin boxes, but not FCS II fins falling out. Don’t trust putting your original FCS designed fins into the boxes. FCS did a cheap fix to try and make them work. The grub screw holes don’t even line up with the indents on the fins with the outside fins.

Can you surf a quad as a twin fin?

The four-fin set-up gets a little bit of both the characteristics of the twin fin and the thruster set-up. Quads can be great in small surf, especially if the rear fins are further up on the surfboard and closer to the rails.

Do you need to screw in FCS 2 fins?

With the FCS II system, the need for any screws or tool to secure the fins has been eliminated. Simply insert the front of the fin into the plug and use downward pressure to lock the fin in place. When using genuine FCS II fins, it’s now possible to install and remove your fins in seconds.

Can you put FCS 1 fins in FCS 2?