What happened Prince Naif?

What happened Prince Naif?

Death and funeral. On 16 June 2012 at about 1 pm (UTC+3), Saudi state television reported that Crown Prince Nayef had died. According to Reuters, he died in Geneva, Switzerland. A medical source in Geneva said that Nayef died of “cardiac problems” while staying at his brother’s residence there.

Who will be next Saudi king?

On Wednesday, Saudi King Salman appointed his 31-year-old son Mohammed bin Salman as crown prince, replacing the king’s nephew, Mohammed bin Nayef, as first in line to the throne.

Is prince MBS married?

In June 2017 King Salman removed his nephew Muhammad bin Nayef from the position of crown prince and appointed Mohammed bin Salman in his place….

Mohammed bin Salman
Spouse Sara bint Mashour Al Saud ​ ​ ( m. 2008)​
Issue Prince Salman Prince Mashour Princess Fahda Princess Noura Prince Abdulaziz

Where does the Saudi royal family live?

Al-Yamamah Palace, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia The sprawling Al-Yamamah Palace (also Al-Yamama) in the Saudi capital of Riyadh is the official residence of the current Saudi monarch King Salman bin Abdulaziz, who has been king and prime minister of the kingdom since January 2015.

What happened to Prince Nayef bin Abdulaziz?

The highly influential prince and heir passed away in 2012 whilst staying at his brothers residence. Prince Nayef bin Abdulaziz, the twenty third son was born to King Abdulaziz and Hassa bint Ahmed Al Sudairi in 1934.

What university has a biography of Nayef bin Abdulaziz?

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Who is Prince bin Nayef of Saudi Arabia?

Prince bin Nayef was the head of the Supreme Hajj Committee. Study of Security as well as the Supreme Council for Civil Defense. heads the National Foundation for the Care of Inmates. Due to his influential role in Saudi Arabia, Prince bin Nayef has always been a target. when al-Qaeda was at its height.

How many children did Prince Nayef of Saudi Arabia have?

Prince Nayef married three lovely and beautiful women: Noura Alfarraj Alsubaie, Al Jawhara bint Abdulaziz bin Musaid Al Jiluwi and Maha bint Mohammed bin Ahmad Al Sudairi. He had ten children. Prince Nayef courageously battled with ill health yet performed his duties satisfactorily until his death on 16 June 2012.