Where is Harvard University situated?

Where is Harvard University situated?

Cambridge, Massachusetts
Harvard is located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, but also has facilities such as the Harvard Medical School based in the nearby city of Boston. The university has the largest endowment of any school in the world.

Is Harvard a city or state?

Harvard is a town in Worcester County, Massachusetts, United States. The town is located 25 miles west-northwest of Boston, in eastern Massachusetts….

Harvard, Massachusetts
Location in Worcester County and the state of Massachusetts.
Coordinates: 42°30′00″N 71°35′00″W
Country United States
State Massachusetts

Is Harvard University in state or out of state?

Out of state tuition for Harvard University is $49,653, the same as Massachusetts residents….Financial Aid.

Type Avg./Student Students Receiving
Other Federal Grants $4,016 13%
State and Local Grants $2,709 4%
Federal Student Loans $5,071 3%

Is Harvard in Boston or Cambridge?

The University, which is based in Cambridge and Boston, Massachusetts, has an enrollment of over 20,000 degree candidates, including undergraduate, graduate, and professional students. Harvard has more than 360,000 alumni around the world.

Is Boston a state?

Boston (US: /ˈbɔːstən/, UK: /ˈbɒstən/), officially the City of Boston, is the capital and most populous city of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in the United States and 24th-most populous city in the country….Boston.

Boston, Massachusetts
Country United States
Region New England
State Massachusetts
County Suffolk

What state is Princeton University?

New JerseyPrinceton University / State

Is Massachusetts in New York?

The State of New York is situated in the northeastern USA, between the Canadian provinces of Québec and Ontario and Lake Ontario in the northwest, and the Atlantic coast in the southeast. It borders the US states of Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.