Who does the voice for Marlin in Finding Nemo?

Who does the voice for Marlin in Finding Nemo?

Albert BrooksMarlin / Voiced byAlbert Brooks is an American actor, comedian, and filmmaker.
He received an Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actor for 1987’s Broadcast News and was widely praised for his performance as a ruthless Jewish mobster in the 2011 action drama film Drive. Wikipedia

Who does the voiceover for Finding Nemo and Finding Dory?

Voice cast. Ellen DeGeneres as Dory, a regal blue tang, who suffers from anterograde amnesia, or the inability to form new memories. Sloane Murray as young Dory. Murray is the seven-year-old daughter of producer Lindsey Collins.

Who does the voice of Mr Ray in Finding Nemo?

Bob PetersonMr. Ray / Voiced byRobert Peterson is an American animator, director, screenwriter, storyboard supervisor and voice actor who works at Pixar. He was hired at Pixar by Roger Gould in 1994 as an animator for commercials, before subsequently becoming an animator on Toy Story. Wikipedia

Who is the voice of the starfish in Finding Nemo?

Allison Janney played the voice of the starfish Peach in the movie. Peach accompanied Nemo and Dory on parts of their journey through the fish tank.

Is Albert Brooks related to James L Brooks?

Another Brooks, Albert (no relation) was in Broadcast News, which James wrote and diretced, based on his early experiences in a newsroom, covering such events ast the Kennedy assassination! James wrote and produced The Simpsons Movie, too, also with Albert Brooks (it’s one of our Movies of the Month).

What voices does Bob Peterson do?

Bob is a co-director and the writer of Up. He also performed the voices of Roz in Monsters, Inc., Mr. Ray in Finding Nemo, Dug and Alpha in Up and the Janitor in Toy Story 3. He also plays the voice of Chick Hicks in Cars 3, replacing Michael Keaton.

Is Mr Ray a stingray?

He is an eagle ray who believes in the practical, taking his little fishy pupils for a ride on his back to teach them about the other creatures of the seabed and singing a whole bunch of memory-aiding ditties along the way.

Is Peach a girl or boy?

Peach is a main character in Finding Nemo and a minor character in Finding Dory. She is a pink-red starfish. She was purchased by the dentist on eBay.

What is wrong with Super Dave’s voice?

Emmy winner and Letterman regular succumbs to cancer Bob Einstein, the gravelly-voiced actor best known for playing Curb Your Enthusiasm’s Marty Funkhouser and the spirited stuntman Super Dave Osborne, died Wednesday at the age of 76. New York Daily News reports that he had been battling cancer.

Who did the voice of Hank Scorpio?

Albert Brooks
Albert Brooks, in his fourth appearance on The Simpsons, guest stars as the voice of Hank Scorpio, one of the most popular one-time characters in the entire series. The episode was very well received by critics.

What is the difference between Finding Nemo and Finding Dory?

“Finding Nemo” offers heartfelt moments and a feeling of wonder. while “Finding Dory” has more suspenseful moments and interesting character arcs, but both plots are structured by classic chance moments and last-minute plans. Comparing both films in terms of visual style shows how far Disney/Pixar has become.

Who voiced the Dog in Up?

Bob Peterson
Bob Peterson as Dug, a talking Golden Retriever. Peterson knew he would voice Dug when he wrote his line “I have just met you, and I love you.”, which was based on what a child told him when he was a camp counselor in the 1980s.

How old is Bob Peterson?

61 years (January 18, 1961)Bob Peterson / Age

Does Marlin know which way the boat went?

Marlin : YES. Dory : Hey, I’ve seen a boat. It went by not too long ago. It went… this way. It went this way. Marlin : Wait a minute, you already told me which way the boat went. Dory : I did? Oh, no…

What did Marlin and CHUM say about Nemo?

Marlin : Nemo! Chum : [laughing] Nemo! Ha ha! Nemo… I don’t get it. Bruce : For a clown fish, he’s not that funny. Bob : Hey, you’re doing pretty well for a first-timer. Marlin : Well, you can’t hold on to them forever, can you? Bill : You know I had a tough time when my oldest went out to the drop off.

What did Dory say to Marlin while they were racing?

[Marlin and Dory are racing through the jellyfish forest. Marlin starts talking to himself] Marlin : So, we’re cheating death now, that’s what we’re doing, and we’re having fun at the same time, I can do this, just be careful… Dory : Yeah, careful I don’t make you cry when I win! Marlin : Oh I don’t think so!