Is 1239 pipe Part 1 material specification?

Is 1239 pipe Part 1 material specification?

Grade 1239 is made up of mild steel material. The IS 1239 Pipe has a chemical concentration of 0.20% carbon, 1.30% manganese, 0.040% of sulfur and phosphorous….IS 1239 Pipe Specification.

Size range 15mm NB to 150mm NB
Length upto 7 M
Specifications IS – 1239 (Part -1) 2004 BS – 1387 / 1985

Is 1239 chemical composition?

IS 1239 Pipe, MS IS 1239 Pipes, High Quality IS:1239 Steel Pipes, IS 1239 Mild Steel Pipes has a unique composition and mechanical properties depending upon the ISO standards bearing 0.12% max. Carbon, 0.50% max. Manganese, 0.03% to 0.08% Silicon, 0.05% Phosphorous and silicon each.

Is 1239 a standard pipe?

The IS 1239 GI pipe is a galvanized iron pipe where there are other types of coatings such as the anti-corrosive oiled, black and 3LPE coated pipes are also available. The IS 1239 MS pipe comes in different sizes ranging from ½ inches to 36 inches and the wall thickness of the pipes varies up to 40mm.

Is 1239 a thickness tolerance?

All IS:1239 steel pipes and black tubes supplied by METLINE are produced in accordance with ASTM /IS/BS specifications….

(a) Thickness
(1) Butt welded Light tubes +Not limited – 8 percent
Medium and Heavy tubes + Not Limited – 10 percent
(2) Seamless Tubes +Not Limited – 12.5 percent

Is 1239 pipe price list?

Ms Round & Rectangular Is 1239 Steel Tube, Rs 38000/ton Dinesh Metal Industries | ID: 10444709197.

Is 1239 pipe fittings a dimension?

Table Of Content: IS 1239 Fittings Specification. MS Pipe Fittings Price List….

SIZE (in MM) SIZE (in Inch) Price In (INR) Per Piece
10 3/8″ 56.00
15 1/2″ 69.00
20 3/4″ 117.00
25 1″ 190.00

Is 1239 GI pipe fittings?

Table Of Content: IS 1239 Fittings Specification. MS Pipe Fittings Price List. Mild Steel Threaded Fittings Price List….

SIZE (in MM) SIZE (in Inch) Price In (INR) Per Piece
20 3/4″ 117.00
25 1″ 190.00
32 1-1/4″ 250.00
40 1-1/2″ 399.00

Is 1239 a application?

The IS 1239 MS Pipe is used in a wide range of applications in sewage, fire fighting, and various other structural equipment. Both seamless and welded pipes can be made using the IS 1239 Class c material. The IS 1239 ERW Pipe comes with a more thick wall than the seamless pipes of the given specification.

Which pipe is better MS or GI?

Higher longevity and Durability. Mild Steel Pipes are carbon steel pipes that contain less than 0.25% of carbon which makes them easy to use and less hard. This ensures that the pipes stay malleable, ductile and durable. GI pipes can be welded into various shapes and sizes as per the requirement.

What is the difference between GI and MS pipe?

Material ms is mild steel and gi is galvanized steel that has been hot dipped . These days the pipe will likely be made from steel rather than iron. galvanized iron pipes commonly used on water pipe lines. Mild steel is untreated and usually hot or cold rolled or in the case of pipe extruded while molten.

Is 1239 a socket?

Furnaces – the IS 1239 Pipe Fittings are used in equipment’s such as piping, burners, fans, doors and recuperators. The IS 1239 Part 2 Elbow can also be used as a part of components, where they are exposed to severe conditions such as cryogenic temperatures.

Is 1239 MS pipe price list?

Which is better CPVC or GI?

More Durable – CVC Pipes are durable as compared to GI pipes. This is because GI pipe are not corrosion resistant and so they eventually rust. CPVC pipes are corrosion resistant pipes. Compatible to hot & cold water – CPVC pipes are not affected by warm water unlike GI pipes.

Which is better GI or MS pipe?

Which is costly GI or MS?

Question: What is costly gi or ms pipe Answer:- Gi Pipe is nothing but same MS pipe but additionally galvanized with Zinc Coating to Galvanising Standard IS4736-1986 standard to 360 gsm, So GI Pipe is costlier than MS Pipes.

What is is 1239 (Part 2)?

The other part of this standard is IS 1239 (Part 2) : 1992 ‘Specification for mild steel tubes, tubulars and other wrought steel fittings: Part 2 Mild steel socket, tubulars and other wrought steel pipe fittings (fourth revision )’.

What is Amendment No 3 May 2008 to 1239 (Part 1)?

AMENDMENT NO. 3 MAY 2008 TO IS 1239 (PART 1) : 2004 STEEL TUBES, TUBULARS AND OTHER WROUGHT STEEL FITTINGS ― SPECIFICATION ( Sixth Revision ) (Page2, clause 6.1.1, first sentence) ― Substitute the following for the existing: ‘Chemical composition of steel to be used for seamless steel tubes, shall comply with Table 1 in Ladle sample analysis.’

What is Isis 1239 (Parti)?

IS 1239 ( PartI ) :2004 Indian Standard STEELTUBES,TUBULARS AND OTHERWROUGHT STEELFITTINGS- SPECIFICATION PART 1 STEEL TUBES ( Sixth Revision) 1 SCOPE 2 REFERENCES The following standards contain provisionswhich through reference in this text, constitute provisions of this standard. At the time of publication, the editions indicatedwerevalid.

What is the ISC 1239 test method?

IS 1239 ( /Part 1) : 2004 B-1.3.2 Method B The tube to be tested or the test coil assembly is rotated and translated relative to each other so the test coil describes a helical path over the tube surface. The pitch of the helical scan shall ensure that the whole of the tube surface is effectively covered.