Is Fetzer Gewurztraminer dry or sweet?

Is Fetzer Gewürztraminer dry or sweet?

Nice with spice, sweet friends and surprise parties. “A full-bodied, off-dry white with floral aromas and flavors of roses, geraniums, pineapple and orange zest.”

What is the alcohol content of Fetzer Gewürztraminer?

Alc. 12.0% by vol. 24 Vinted and bottled by Fetzer Vineyards Hopland, Mendocino County, California.

Is Fetzer a good wine?

Since 1978, Fetzer’s white wines have shown remarkable improvement and, along with the winery’s array of fine red wines, represent some of the very best values on the market. The recent results at the Orange County Fair demonstrate just how far Fetzer Vineyards has come. Only one winery, Chateau St.

Is Fetzer a sweet wine?

This medium-bodied wines off-dry style strikes the perfect balance between its sweetness and bright, crisp acidity. This wine pairs well spicy Asian dishes.

What does Gewurztraminer taste like?

What Does Gewurztraminer Wine Taste Like? As any wine academic will tell you, a quintessential late-harvest Gewurztraminer wine smells and tastes of lychee fruit. However, other tropical fruits such as pineapple and apricot are also common notes.

What is Fetzer Gewurztraminer?

A full-bodied white with a bright and well-rounded mouthfeel, Fetzer Gewurztraminer is an off-dry wine that gives way to a lush, buttery texture. This delicate sensation brings together a nuance of sophistication yet remains approachable. It is a welcoming wine that creates a relaxed, friendly environment so it can be enjoyed at most casual events.

Fetzer Gewurztraminer is a refined blend of well-balanced flavors. The soft sweetness from the off-dryness of this wine offsets flavors of pineapple, peach, and honey. These sweet notes marry the structured palate of the savory notes and deliver flavors of ginger, cashew nuts, and a hint of pastries.

What makes Fetzer shaly loam Gewürztraminer so special?

This cool climate is perfect for producing high-quality white grapes. The soil here mostly consists of sandy loam and gravel which is where Fetzer Shaly Loam Gewürztraminer gets its name. The loam soil is highly fertile, adding vigor to the vines and providing rich flavors.

How many calories are in a 5oz bottle of Gewürztraminer?

Fetzer Gewürztraminer calories count up to 100 per serving, 5oz, which is ideal for those who are health conscious but still looking to enjoy a fresh glass of wine. Per bottle, the total calorie intake is 600 calories with a breakdown of 3 grams of carbohydrates, 0% protein, and 0% fat.