What are some examples of glacial valley?

What are some examples of glacial valley?

Glaciers carve a set of distinctive, steep-walled, flat-bottomed valleys. U-shaped valleys, fjords, and hanging valleys are examples of the kinds of valleys glaciers can erode.

Where are glacial troughs found?

Glacial trough or U-shaped valley Hanging valleys are created where smaller valleys meet the main glaciated valley. The glaciers in the smaller valleys are not so powerful, so they don’t erode such deep valleys. This means the smaller valleys are left above the main valley.

Which lake is found in a glacial trough?

ribbon lake
A ribbon lake is a long and deep, finger-shaped lake, usually found in a glacial trough.

What is a glacial trough in geography?

Glacial troughs, or glaciated valleys, are long, U-shaped valleys that were carved out by glaciers that have since receded or disappeared. Troughs tend to have flat valley floors and steep, straight sides.

Which of the following is an example of a glacier?

gangotri is correct option .

What landforms do valley glaciers create?

U-Shaped Valleys, Fjords, and Hanging Valleys Glaciers carve a set of distinctive, steep-walled, flat-bottomed valleys. U-shaped valleys, fjords, and hanging valleys are examples of the kinds of valleys glaciers can erode.

What is hanging valley glacier?

Hanging Valley A hanging glacier connects the upper valley to the lower valley. A larger glacier flows out of the lower valley, but glacier retreat during the late 20th century has left its terminus hundreds of feet above the main valley.

What famous valley in California national park was formed by a glacier?

Yosemite National Park
Yosemite Nature Notes 12: Glaciers Yosemite National Park is famous for its spectacular glacially carved landscape.

Is Yosemite Valley an example of a moraine?

Its terminal moraine (rock debris) dammed the valley 14,000 to 15,000 years ago, creating Lake Yosemite. Sediment eventually filled the lake, which became the flat valley floor we see today.

Where are continental glaciers and valley glaciers found?

Explanation: Valley glaciers are present at high altitude in mountain valleys of Alaska, the Italian Alps and New Zealand… Continental glaciers are located in the high latitude polar regions of Greenland and Antarctica…

Is a glacial trough erosion or deposition?

Erosional landforms due to Glaciers They are deep, long and wide troughs or basins with very steep concave to vertically dropping high walls at its head as well as sides. They are simply a bowl-shaped depression formed due to the erosional activity of glaciers.

What is an example of a hanging valley?

Examples Of Hanging Valleys Many of the hanging valleys feature high waterfalls, with some of the highest in the United States being found in the Yosemite National Park. Some hanging valleys in the region are Bridal Veil Falls, Ribbon Falls, and the Yosemite Falls.

What is a hanging valley and how is it formed?

waterfalls are most common where hanging valleys occur. Such valleys generally form when glacier ice deeply erodes a main or trunk valley, leaving tributary valleys literally hanging far above the main valley floor. After the glaciers have melted and withdrawn, streams from such tributary valleys must fall in order to…

Was Yosemite Valley formed by a glacier?

Other examples of landscapes created by glaciation are Lyell Canyon and Yosemite Valley, two large U-shaped canyons that formed as glaciers passed through, removing rock and debris as they moved.

Is Yosemite Valley a glacier?

The Yosemite Valley is a wide glacier-carved valley, centrally located within Yosemite National Park in the western Sierra Nevada Mountains of California. The Yosemite Valley was carved out mostly by glacier activity that moved through the area during the last ice age, and it follows the path of the Merced River.