What is the best type of wort chiller?

What is the best type of wort chiller?

Best Wort Chillers

  • MoreBeer WC45A Immersion Chiller.
  • NY Brew Supply W3850-CV Immersion Chiller.
  • Exchilerator Maxx Counterflow Wort Chiller.
  • Kegco Stainless Steel Counterflow Chiller.
  • Blichmann Therminator.
  • HFS(R) Homebrew Beer Wort Chiller.

Is a wort chiller worth it?

Wort Chillers – Worth the Investment When speed and efficiency are essential for brewing a crisp and clear beer, a wort chiller is well worth the cost. Other wort chilling methods may work but they aren’t as safe, effortless, or efficient as using a wort chiller.

How does wort chiller work?

A wort chiller works by using a cool water source passing through copper or steel; as the cool water passes through the chiller, it absorbs heat from the wort. Because of this, it is important to be aware that a wort chiller will only be able to cool wort down to the temperature of its source water.

Can you let wort cool overnight?

But slow-chilled wort can still create plenty of cold break, by chilling the wort down to cellar temperatures instead of room temperature. Leaving the wort overnight at 50 °F (10 °C) has been shown to precipitate more than enough cold break for brewers, as much as 85% of the cold break in fact.

Can I add ice to cool my wort?

People often wonder about adding ice directly to the cooling wort. This idea works well if you remember a couple key points. Never use commercial ice. It can harbor dormant bacteria that could spoil your beer.

What temperature do you chill wort at?

The wort should cool to 80°F in about 30 minutes. When the pot is barely warm to the touch, the temperature is in the right range. People often wonder about adding ice directly to the cooling wort. This idea works well if you remember a couple key points.

How does a wort chiller work?

How much does a 40 plate wort chiller cost?

$149.99 & FREE Shipping on orders over $59. This 40 plate chiller is efficient, effective and economical! This popular addition to your home brewing system promises to cool your wort to the perfect low temperature to get the best cold break possible, and getting your wort to the ideal pitching temperature on the first pass.

It just works like a plate chiller is supposed to work. Adjust the cooling water flow and the wort flow to get the wort output temperature exactly where you want it in one pass. An inline thermometer or hand-held infrared temperature gun is very helpful for measuring this.

Does the old chiller still work?

Old chiller still works, but worried it is a source of infection. Need to step up my cold side game. Have used this Chiller in the past. It is reliable and works well to chill quickly. Positive reviews, recomendation from other brewers.