What is the synonym of the amazing?

What is the synonym of the amazing?

In this page you can discover 61 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for amazing, like: astonishing, incredible, astounding, marvelous, phenomenal, wondrous, fantastical, miraculous, stupendous, prodigious and fantastic.

What’s another word for stoop down?

What is another word for stoop down?

crouch squat
hunch stoop
bend down bend
couch cower
hunker down scrunch

What is another word for extremely low?

Low Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for low?

depressed deep
flat sea-level
subsided sunken
nether shallow
ground-level low-lying

What is a synonym for thrived?

Synonyms for thrive. burgeon. (also bourgeon), flourish, prosper.

What is the synonym of drooping?

sinking, wasting (away), weakening, wilting, withering.

How do you say something is low?


  1. whisper. verb. to say something very quietly so that other people cannot hear you.
  2. murmur. verb. to say something in a very quiet voice.
  3. mutter. verb.
  4. hiss. verb.
  5. croak. verb.
  6. croon. verb.
  7. purr. verb.
  8. breathe. verb.

What does it mean to rock bottom?

the most unhappy that someone has ever been in their life: Dan had just left me and I was at rock bottom.

What does it mean to sink so low?

(also sink so low) to do something so bad: I can’t believe you would sink so low as to snitch on your best friends. SMART Vocabulary: related words and phrases.

What do you mean by pendulous?

Definition of pendulous 1 archaic : poised without visible support. 2a : suspended so as to swing freely branches hung with pendulous vines. b : inclined or hanging downward pendulous jowls. 3 : marked by vacillation, indecision, or uncertainty.

What is the synonym of drop?

fall, come down, go down, descend, sink. plunge, plummet, dive, nosedive, tumble, pitch, slump. rise. 4’she dropped to her knees’ fall, sink, collapse, descend, go down, slide, stumble, tumble.