What kind of trees are in Wenatchee?

What kind of trees are in Wenatchee?

The Forest’s eastern slopes contain extensive stands of ponderosa pine, Douglas-fir, western larch, lodgepole pine, and quaking aspen.

Are there bears in Wenatchee National Forest?

Be Bear Aware Be aware of bears and follow these safety recommendations. Keep a clean campsite. Store food and garbage out of sight and in closed vehicles. Never put food scraps or litter in the campfire; it attracts bears and skunks.

How big is Okanogan National Forest?

3.8 million acres
The Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest is a large and diverse landscape, encompassing 3.8 million acres along the east slopes of the Cascade Range in Washington.

Where is the Wenatchee National Forest located?

The Okanogan National Forest is a U.S. National Forest located in Okanogan County in north-central Washington, United States.

Are there grizzly bears in Leavenworth?

For years, grizzly bear sitings have been reported in the Lake Wenatchee and Leavenworth areas. Though none have been substantiated, it’s not impossible, according to the Grizzly Bear Outreach Project, hoping to educate communities on what they know.

What animals live in Okanogan Wenatchee National Forest?

HABITAT: Ponderosa pine forest in Okanogan- Wenatchee National Forest. WILDLIFE: Spring: wildflowers, mule deer, American kestrel, coyotes, western gray squirrels, song birds. Fall brings migrating raptors. In winter see snow buntings, cougar and bobcat tracks.

Where can you snowshoe in Wenatchee?

The Wenatchee Crest near Blewett Pass is an ideal entry-level snowshoe, thanks to its modest elevation gain and panoramic views from the ridgetop. And even with such an easily accessible trailhead, the crowds are often minimal.

Can you hunt in Wenatchee National Forest?

There are many hunting opportunities available in the forest. Many roads close in the fall to allow for non-motorized hunting access.

Where are the most bears in Washington state?

Washington is home to both grizzly bears and black bears. Grizzly bears are rare in Washington, but a small population exists in the Selkirk Mountains of northeast Washington, and their presence has been documented in the Okanogan Highlands and the North Cascades.

How many grizzlies are in Washington state?

There are currently believed to be at least 50-60 grizzly bears in the Selkirk Grizzly Bear Recovery Zone with numbers approximately equally divided between the Canadian and U.S. (northeast Washington and northern Idaho) portions of this transboundary ecosystem.

What animals are in Leavenworth WA?

Shrew (Water, Marsh, Vagrant, Trowbridge’s and Merriam’s), American Pika, Snowshoe Hare, Coast Mole, American Shrew-Mole, Muskrat, Beaver, Marmots (Yellow-bellied and Hoary), Cascade Golden-Mantled Ground Squirrel, Chipmunk (Townsend’s, Least and Yellow Pine), Squirrel (Grey, Douglas and Northern Flying), North …

Is the national forest open in Washington state?

Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest forest has active closure areas because of the Cedar Creek, Cub Creek, and Schnieder Springs Fires. Access to the defined areas, including roads that cross through, is prohibited until 12/31/2021 unless rescinded early.

Does Lake Wenatchee have snow?

The cumulative snow total for the season is now at 131.0 inches. One-month snowfall from Feb 3 to March 4 was 107.0 inches. See the forecast for Lake Wenatchee by clicking on the Weather Forecast link on the left side of this screen.

Are there wolves in Washington state?

The gray wolf (Canis lupus), a native Washington species, was nearly eradicated from the state in the early 1900s. Wolves are returning to Washington on their own, dispersing from populations in nearby states and provinces–wolves were never reintroduced to Washington.

Are there grizzly in Washington state?

Grizzly bears once occurred in most of Washington, but are now restricted to remote areas of the Selkirk Mountains and certain places near the northern border of Washington between these two ecosystems. These areas support the best remaining seclusion habitat in the state.

Are there mountain lions in Washington?

Cougars live in all corners of Washington state, from the foothills in Issaquah to the eastern mountains to the San Juan Islands. If you live or hike in places that support deer or elk, then you also have cougars.

What plants live in the North Cascades?

Ferns thrive in the low light and high moisture forests of the North Cascades. Sword, deer, licorice, lace, parsley, maidenhair, bracken, lady, oak and wood ferns dapple the forest floor. These ancient plants have been living on this planet for more than 300 million years.

Where can I find Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest maps?

Hard copy maps are available for viewing at Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest Offices, Republic Ranger District, and the North Bend Ranger District. Maps are also available for review at public libraries in: Copies of the maps on CD can be obtained by contacting the Okanogan Valley Office at 509-826-3275

What does the Okanogan National Forest Travel Plan map supersede?

Most of the direction in the Okanogan National Forest Travel Plan Map will be superseded by the Motor Vehicle Use Map (MVUM) when it is published. On the MVUM, roads, trails and areas will be designated for motor vehicle use by vehicle type and season of use.

Where can I get a copy of the Okanogan Valley map?

Maps are also available for review at public libraries in: Copies of the maps on CD can be obtained by contacting the Okanogan Valley Office at 509-826-3275 2. How were public comments from 2006 and 2007 used?

What is the Okanogan travel plan for winter over the snow?

On the MVUM, roads, trails and areas will be designated for motor vehicle use by vehicle type and season of use. The Okanogan Travel Plan Map direction for winter over the snow (snowmobile) motorized use will not change, as this Travel Management process is not analyzing or changing winter over the snow motor vehicle use. 8.