What was the magnitude of the Northridge earthquake in 1994?

What was the magnitude of the Northridge earthquake in 1994?

Magnitude of 1994 Northridge earthquake. The 1994 Northridge earthquake was a moment magnitude 6.7 (M w), blind thrust earthquake that occurred on January 17, 1994, at 4:30:55 a.m. PST in the San Fernando Valley region of the County of Los Angeles.

How did the Northridge earthquake affect the CSUN campus?

Many classes were moved to temporary structures. The 1994 Northridge earthquake greatly affected the CSUN campus, damaging much of its infrastructure, and causing multiple fires and explosions throughout the campus.

What is the approximate location of Northridge?

“Northridge 1994: 6.7 – 1km NNW of Reseda, CA”. Comprehensive Catalog. U.S. Geological Survey. ^ Luco, Nicolas (2019). “Seismic design and hazard maps: Before and after”.

What happened to the Northridge Meadows apartment complex?

The Northridge Meadows apartment complex was one of the well-known affected areas in which sixteen people were killed as a result of the building’s collapse. The Northridge Fashion Center and California State University, Northridge also sustained very heavy damage – most notably the collapse of parking structures.

What happened to earthquake insurance after the Northridge earthquake?

Some people even made temporary relocations closer to their jobs while their homes or neighborhoods were being rebuilt. The Northridge earthquake led to a number of legislative changes. Due to the large amount lost by insurance companies, most insurance companies either stopped offering or severely restricted earthquake insurance in California.

What caused the Northridge earthquake in California?

The quake was caused by the sudden rupture of a previously undocumented blind thrust fault. The Northridge quake, named after the San Fernando Valley community near its epicenter, was the costliest in U.S. history, with damages estimated at more than $20 billion, and resulted in 57 deaths.

How did the Northridge earthquake affect schools in California?

However, school buildings (K-12), which are required by California law to be reinforced, in general survived fairly well. An unusual effect of the Northridge earthquake was an outbreak of coccidioidomycosis (Valley fever) in Ventura County.

How many people died in the Northridge earthquake 2012?

“The Large Aftershocks of the Northridge Earthquake and their Relationship to Mainshock Slip and Fault Zone Complexity”. Retrieved November 25, 2012. ^ a b c d Reich, K. Study raises Northridge quake death toll to 72.

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