Who owns DFTBA?

Who owns DFTBA?

Hank Green
Hank Green Chief Executive Officer, Co-Owner Hank founded DFTBA with Alan Lastufka in 2008. He’s perpetually starting new things…

What is DFTBA in crash course?

DFTBA is an initialism for “don’t forget to be awesome”, a catchphrase of the Green brothers and used as a closing tagline on their Crash Course educational video series, among others, such as their podcast, Dear Hank and John.

Is Dftba copyrighted?

Here’s is the problem with trademarks. You cannot selectively enforce them. So Hank, if we trademark DFTBA and Don’t Forget To Be Awesome, we can’t just tell Urban Outfitters and Hobby Lobby to stop making don’t forget to be awesome stuff….Statistics.

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Who coined the term Dftba?

DFTBA was largely popularized by the YouTube duo Hank and John Green — a.k.a. the Vlogbrothers. The catchphrase serves as the motto for their fanbase of “Nerdfighters,” called “Nerdfighteria.” In 2008, Hank Green co-founded an independent record label and called it DFTBA Records.

How many VlogBrothers videos are there?

1000 videos
As of today, the Vlogbrothers have uploaded over 1000 videos to their main channel alone and they show no signs of stopping and let’s hope they never do….Statistics.

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What is Nerd fighting?

Nerdfighteria is a mainly online-based community subculture that originated on YouTube in 2007, when the VlogBrothers (John and Hank Green) rose to prominence in the YouTube community. As their popularity grew, so did coverage on Nerdfighteria, whose followers are individually known as Nerdfighters.