How do you say Intercrural?

How do you say Intercrural?


  1. (UK) IPA: /ɪntəˈkɹʊəɹəl/
  2. (US) IPA: /ɪntɚˈkɹuɹəl/

How do you pronounce Twopence?


  1. (Received Pronunciation) IPA: /ˈtʌ.pəns/ (this spelling and “tuppence”)
  2. (Received Pronunciation) IPA: /ˈtuː.pəns/ (this spelling only)

Which word is silent in paradigm?

In a few words of Greek origin, digraph ⟨gm⟩ is pronounced /m/, with the (g) being silent, such as in “phlegm”, “paradigm” and “diaphragm”.

What is a Twopence?

Definition of twopence 1 : the sum of two pennies. Note: Twopence is usually used of two British pennies. 2 plural twopence or twopences : a coin worth twopence.

Why does paradigm have a silent G?

This is all because the phonotactics of English (the rules for how one can arrange its phonemes) do not permit a /g/ followed by a nasal at the end the word.

What part of speech is paradigm?

paradigm. / (ˈpærəˌdaɪm) / noun. grammar the set of all the inflected forms of a word or a systematic arrangement displaying these forms. a pattern or model.

What is the meaning of Fourpence?

Definition of fourpence 1 : the sum of four pennies. Note: Fourpence is usually used in reference to British pennies. 2 : a British silver coin worth four pennies now used only as maundy money : groat.

Which is the silent letter to the word paradigm?

What is the opposite of paradigm?

Opposite of a typical example or pattern of something. antithesis.

What was an English Groat?

The groat is the traditional name of a defunct English and Irish silver coin worth four pence, and also a Scottish coin which was originally worth fourpence, with later issues being valued at eightpence and one shilling.

What is interlanguage pragmatics?

Interlanguage pragmatics is the study of the ways non-native speakers acquire, comprehend, and use linguistic patterns or speech acts in a second language.

What is the difference between intra and inter?

What to Know. Although they look similar, the prefix intra- means “within” (as in happening within a single thing), while the prefix inter- means “between” (as in happening between two things).

What is the meaning of interpersonal?

English Language Learners Definition of interpersonal : relating to or involving relations between people : existing or happening between people See the full definition for interpersonal in the English Language Learners Dictionary

What is the origin of the word inter?

Usage of ‘Inter-‘ Inter – also came into English from Latin (from inter, meaning “among, between”), and also has a range of possible meanings. Most of these definitions have the word between somewhere in there: “between; among; in the midst,” “reciprocal,” “located between,” carried on between,” or “occurring between.”