How far apart are Israel and Afghanistan?

How far apart are Israel and Afghanistan?

The total straight line distance between Afghanistan and Israel is 3161 KM (kilometers) and 328.03 meters. The miles based distance from Afghanistan to Israel is 1964.4 miles.

How far apart are Afghanistan and Iran?

Distance between Afghanistan and Iran is 1617 KM / 1004.8 miles.

How far is Israel from Afghanistan in hours?

The air travel (bird fly) shortest distance between Afghanistan and Israel is 3,092 km= 1,921 miles. If you travel with an airplane (which has average speed of 560 miles) from Afghanistan to Israel, It takes 3.43 hours to arrive.

How far apart are Iran and Israel?

The total straight line distance between Iran and Israel is 1558 KM (kilometers) and 593.2 meters. The miles based distance from Iran to Israel is 968.5 miles.

How far is the Holy Land from Afghanistan?

The total driving distance from Kabul, Afghanistan to Jerusalem, Israel is 3,176 miles or 5 111 kilometers.

Is Iran close to Afghanistan?

Iran shares a largely porous 900-km (559-mile) border with Afghanistan. Islam Qala-Dogharoun border crossing that connects Afghanistan’s Herat with Iran’s Mashhad sees the maximum rush, used extensively for travel and trade.

What separates Iran from Afghanistan?

It cuts through Hamun Lake before turning south, where it follows the Juy-e Siksar River down to the confluence with the Helmand River. The border is then formed of a long straight line segment going southwest to the tripoint with Pakistan at the Kuh-i-Malik Salih mountain.

Is Iran and Israel friends?

Since 1985, Iran and Israel have been engaged in an ongoing proxy conflict that has greatly affected the geopolitics of the Middle East, and has included direct military confrontations between Iranian and Israeli organizations, such as in the 2006 Lebanon War.

Is Afghanistan older than Iran?

Relations between Afghanistan and Iran were established in 1935 during King Zahir Shah’s reign and the shah of Iran Reza Shah Pahlavi, though ties between the two countries have existed for millennia….Afghanistan–Iran relations.

Afghanistan Iran
Diplomatic mission
Afghan Embassy, Tehran Iranian Embassy, Kabul

Is Israel an enemy of Iran?

Because of Iran’s hostility to Israel, Israel is also concerned by Iran’s nuclear weapons program and missile program, and is seeking to downgrade Iran’s allies and proxies, as well as preventing Iranian entrenchment in Syria, another sworn enemy of Israel.