What does Canthotomy mean?

What does Canthotomy mean?

(kan-thot’ō-mē), 1. An operation for lengthening the palpebral fissure by incision through the lateral canthus. 2. An operation for restoration of the canthus.

What is the difference between Canthotomy and Cantholysis?

Lateral canthotomy, the emergency treatment for orbital compartment syndrome, is the surgical exposure of the lateral canthal tendon. Cantholysis is canthotomy plus incision of the inferior branch (crus) of the tendon.

What is Canthotomy and Cantholysis?

Why is Canthotomy performed?

Indications. Lateral canthotomy should be performed as acute management for orbital compartment syndrome, which presents with increased intraocular pressure (IOP) and impaired extraocular motility. Typically, this syndrome occurs within the context of recent orbital trauma or eye surgery.

What does Lobo mean in medical terms?

lobus, husk, pod fr. Gr. lobos, lobe (of ear or liver)] Prefixes meaning lobe.

What is the CPT code for Canthotomy?

Review of CPT codes, including codes in the eye and ocular adnexa section, reveals certain services designated as “separate procedures.” An example of such a code would be CPT 67715, Canthotomy (separate procedure).

What is Ossiculoplasty surgery?

An ossiculoplasty is an operation to correct any problems with the tiny bones that are responsible for transmitting sound from the eardrum to the inner ear.

Why do eyes turn blue?

There are lots of reasons someone can have blue “whites”. Anything that results in a thinning of the sclera could cause it. For example, some medications, like steroids, can produce blue sclera. Not having enough iron in your blood (anemia) and aging have also been shown to give a blue tint to the whites of the eye.

What does Lobo mean in Latin?

History and Etymology for lobo Spanish, wolf, from Latin lupus — more at wolf.

What is lateral Cantholysis?

Lateral canthotomy and cantholysis is the treatment of choice and involves surgically exposing the lateral canthal tendon and its inferior crus to relieve intraorbital pressure.

What is canthotomy and how does it work?

What is Canthotomy? It’s a Medical surgery procedure done by an ophthalmologist surgeon who is specialised in oculoplastic, an operation for lengthening the palpebral fissure by an incision through the lateral canthus also for restoration of the canthus.

How do you do A canthotomy with lidocaine and hemostat?

Inject lidocaine with epinephrine into the lateral canthus directing the needle tip toward the lateral orbital rim (away from the globe) Apply hemostat to the lateral canthus from the angle of the eye to the orbital rim and clamp shut for ~1 min. (provides relative devascularization as well as a landmark for the canthotomy)

How do you prepare for A canthotomy?

Secondary indications (subjective and nonspecific) – if only secondary indications are present, get emergent ophthalmology consult prior to performing canthotomy. Prep and drape the area (Irrigation with normal saline is acceptable prep given emergent nature of procedure)