What does Coro on jewelry mean?

What does Coro on jewelry mean?

In 1943, it was named Coro, as a contraction of the co-founders last names – COhn and ROsenberger. Eventually, it became known under the names Coro, Coro Craft and Vendome, which was the company’s most expensive jewelry line.

What is Coro jewelry made of?

It is made of rose-gold-plated sterling silver edged with diamanté accents. At the center of each side is a row of amethyst-glass navettes topped with a row of diamanté. This Duette, which was created for Coro’s high-end line, can be worn as a brooch or as separate dress clips.

When was Coro made?

Coro was begun in 1901 by Emanuel Cohn and Carl Rosenberger who opened a small accessories store on Broadway in New York City. Not until 1943, did the company name Coro, a contraction of the first two letters of each partner’s last name, change to Coro, Inc. But Cohn and Rosenberger were not designers of jewelry.

Is Coro still making jewelry?

Information confirmed by Ron Verri, Gene’s son, in September, 2005. Designers for Coro according to Brunialti: Gene Verrecchia [Verri] –1933 to the end of the 1963 (He and his son Ron founded Gem-Craft, which is still in business as of 2019).

Is Coro jewelry still in business?

The Coro costume jewelry company started doing business in 1901, producing jewelry under several brand names, including Corocraft. Some of their more notable products include the Coro Duettes, Coro Tremblers, Coro Door Knockers and Coro Crown Pins. The Coro company went out of business in 1979.

Where was Coro jewelry manufactured?

Providence, Rhode Island
In 1901, Emanuel Cohn and Carl Rosenberger established the accessories boutique Cohn and Rosenberger in New York City, which was later shortened to Coro. In 1929, Coro purchased a manufacturing facility in Providence, Rhode Island, which would later become the world’s largest costume jewelry facility.

When did Coro go out of business?

The Coro company went out of business in 1979.

What kind of earrings are in vintage Coro?

Vintage Coro enamel and blue stone bluebird screw back earrings. Vintage Coro Textured Golden Round Domed Clip on Earrings with Gold Tone Rope Border. Coro Hallmark. Vintage Coro Bracelet, Brooch, Clip Earring Set.

What are the sizes of vintage Coro bracelets?

Vintage Coro Bracelet, Brooch, Clip Earring Set. Shiny Chrome Color, Leaf Design. Bracelet 7 1/2, Brooch 2 3/4, Earrings 1 1/4 Inches. (D25) Coro Chrysthanthemum Brooch and Earrings Set.

Is Coro Jewelry good for Vintage Collection?

One of the largest costume jewelry producers of its time, Coro manufactured some of the most collectible vintage pieces today. It might be a great brand to start your vintage collection, but what should you know about Coro’s jewelry pieces? What Is Coro Jewelry? Does Coro Jewelry Tarnish? How to Tell Real Coro Jewelry?

What kind of jewelry did Coro sell in WW2?

During World War II, the brand designed a few patriotic jewelry, particularly the Emblem of the Americas brooch. By the 1950s, Coro sold countless parure, which is a set of various items of matching jewelry, from earrings to necklace, brooch and bracelet.