What is a ICC Test?

What is a ICC Test?

An ICC certification is an endorsement from the International Code Council that you are qualified to inspect a certain type of construction or building. ICC certifications can come in a variety of forms, as the requirements to become certified to inspect different structures can differ.

How many times can you take the ICC exam?

If you have already used one or two of your exam attempts within your 6-month period of retesting upon July 1st, you will still be allowed to continue retesting until your six attempts are fulfilled in the 6-month period.

How much does the ICC test cost?

ICC Contractors Authorized Voucher Price List

Voucher Type Currency Exam Price
ICC Contractors Authorized $100 PPD Voucher USD 100.00
ICC Contractors Authorized $115 PPD Voucher USD 115.00

Can I take the ICC Test Online?

With ICC PRONTO, you can take many of ICC’s exams online, at your convenience, from any secure location. ICC currently offers 100+ exams on the PRONTO testing platform. Visit our Exam Catalog to get started!

How do I get an ICC license?

In addition to the passing the CEVNI test, for an ICC to be issued you must present a qualifying RYA practical course completion certificate or pass an ICC assessment at an RYA ICC test centre to validate one of the List A categories (see ICC-3 Notes: Evidencing boating competence) and be eligible to be issued with an …

How do I get an ICC?

In most countries, you can get an ICC by getting the right national boating licenses. After that, you can simply apply for an ICC with the right authorities. OR you automatically get the ICC, if it’s integrated with the national license.

How long does an ICC license last?

Renewing an ICC The ICC is valid for 5 years.

Are there any code Council national contractor/trades exams available?

Below are Code Council National Contractor/Trades exam categories currently available. View the exams available by click on each category. Not looking for National? Remember your Exam ID when your search and register for a Code Council examination.

What is the contractor/trades examination program?

The International Code Council’s Contractor/Trades examination program is an independent testing program designed to provide licensing agencies with information regarding qualified contractors and trades professionals. Participating in the Code Council examination program does not guarantee that a licensing agency will award you a license.

Do I need pre-authorization to take the contractor/trades exam?

The Contractor/Trades program is also split into exams that require pre-authorization and exams that do not require pre-authorization. View the current exams that require pre-authorization or do not require pre-authorization. Appointments may be made up to one calendar day prior to the day you wish to test, subject to availability.

Does participating in the Code Council Examination program guarantee a license?

Participating in the Code Council examination program does not guarantee that a licensing agency will award you a license. However, the Code Council examination program serves as an independent appraisal of your competency in the construction field, and your test results may be used by licensing agencies to satisfy the requirements for testing.