What is meant by soil-structure interaction?

What is meant by soil-structure interaction?

February 2020) Ground–structure interaction (SSI) consists of the interaction between soil (ground) and a structure built upon it. It is primarily an exchange of mutual stress, whereby the movement of the ground-structure system is influenced by both the type of ground and the type of structure.

What is SSI analysis?

The study of soil-structure interaction (SSI) is related to the field of earthquake engineering. It is very important to note that the structural response is mainly due to the soil-structure interaction forces that brings an impact on the structure. This is a form of seismic excitation.

What is meant by soil structure?

Soil structure is defined by the way individual particles of sand, silt, and clay are assembled. Single particles when assembled appear as larger particles. These are called aggregates . Aggregation of soil particles can occur in different patterns, resulting in different soil structures.

Is code for soil-structure interaction?

The Indian seismic design code IS:1893 (Part 1) [1] suggests ignoring soil–structure interaction (SSI) studies for seismic analysis and design of structures located on rock or rock-like material.

What are the effects of soil structure interaction?

Soil-structure interaction (SSI) may have significant effects on free vibration characteristics and seismic response of some structures. These effects result from the soil inability to fully restrain the movements of structure foundation in addition to soil’s large energy dissipation capacities.

What is the scope of soil foundation interaction analysis?

Conventional design practice for ordinary structures usually neglect soil-structure interaction effects, but for important structures it may be considered in the design. The scope of soil-structure interaction includes retaining walls, buried pipe lines, bridge abutments, tunnels etc.

What is soil structure Wikipedia?

Soil structure describes the arrangement or the way of soil in the solid parts of the soil and of the pore space located between them. It is determined by how individual soil granules clump, bind together, and aggregate, resulting in the arrangement of soil pores between them.

What is soil structure and why is it important?

A good soil structure is important to allow air and water into the soil which are vital for healthy plant growth. It will improve drainage and reduce soil erosion caused by excess surface run-off. Without structure, soils will suffer from anaerobism, waterlogging and nutrient lock-up and, ultimately, plants will die!

Is code a CBR test?

The following table gives the standard loads adopted for different penetrations for the standard material with a CBR value of 100%….California Bearing Ratio Test Procedure, Lab Report | CBR Test of Soil | IS 2720 Part 16.

Penetration of Plunger Standard Load
2.5 mm 1370 kg
5.0 mm 2055 kg

What is the significance of SBC of soil in civil engineering?

Safe Bearing Capacity : The maximum pressure which the soil can resist without any failure is called as the safe bearing capacity of the soil. It is the value of bearing capacity used in the design of foundations. This value is obtained by dividing with ultimate bearing capacity with suitable factor of safety.

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What is soil structure PDF?

Soil structure refers to the organization and arrangement of soil particles and the resultant complex maze of pores.

Why is soil structure important?

What do you mean by soil structure interaction?

Soil structure interaction. The process in which the response of the soil influences the motion of the structure and the motion of the structure influences the response of the soil is termed as soil-structure interaction (SSI).

What is the study of soil-structure interaction?

A committee of engineering research deals with the study of soil-structure interaction only when these forces brings an appreciable effect on the basement motion when we are comparing it with the free-field ground motion.

How do structures interact with the soil during an earthquake?

When a structure is subjected to an earthquake excitation, it interacts with the foundation and the soil, and thus changes the motion of the ground. Soil-structure interaction broadly can be divided into two phenomena: a) kinematic interaction and b) inertial interaction.

What is soil-structure force?

This is a phenomenon in which the structural displacements and the ground displacements are independent to each other. Soil-structure force are mainly interaction forces that can occur for every structure. But these are not able to change the soil motion in all conditions.