Where do I weigh in on WW app?

Where do I weigh in on WW app?

The easiest way to find it is right on the WW app homescreen. You’ll see a card that prompts you to check in each week starting on your weigh-in day. Tap that and you’ll be on your way!

How Can I weigh in at Weight Watchers?

Studio members can weigh in weekly at their Wellness Check-ins, whether at a WW Studio or virtually in a private Zoom chat. And all members can use the WW app to weigh in at home, on vacation, at the gym—wherever! To track your weight in the WW app, tap the blue + button in the bottom-right corner.

How do you post on Weight Watchers?

How do I post on Connect?

  1. First tap on “Share with us…”
  2. Then you can add a description to your post.
  3. If you want to add a picture of your progress, you can choose that option.
  4. To post with a photo or video, you can select the Photo or Video option.
  5. Tap “Post” to create your post.

How do I enter my goal weight on Weight Watchers?

To change your goal weight, click on the circle icon at the top right of My Day, then go to Settings, then Weight. When you reach your goal, whether it’s a 5 lb goal or a long-term final goal, celebrate! You earned it!

Can I weigh in virtually on Weight Watchers?

Weight Watchers online is the exact same program but instead of weighing in at a center you weigh in at home and then enter your weight into the online weight tracker on weightwatchers.com or on the Weight Watchers iPhone app.

What happens if you don’t weigh in at Weight Watchers?

If you have not weighed in at a WW Studio meeting Lifetime requirements (up to two pounds above your goal weight or under), monthly charges have resumed.

What is the WW community?

WW Connect is our members-only digital community that’s filled with people like you who are working toward their goals while cheering you on as you reach yours. When you’re losing weight and building healthy habits, sharing the experience with others can be incredibly helpful. WW Connect makes it better together!

How do you talk to a coach on WW?

How to connect to a 24/7 Coach

  1. Tap on the Profile icon in the top right corner of the WW app.
  2. Look for the blue chat bubble above your weight graph.
  3. Click ‘Chat now,’ then ask away! A WW Coach will be ready to field whatever questions you may have.

What is a good goal weight?

The Ideal Weight Calculator computes ideal body weight (IBW) ranges based on height, gender, and age. The idea of finding the IBW using a formula has been sought after by many experts for a long time….Result.

Formula Ideal Weight
Devine (1974) 160.9 lbs
Hamwi (1964) 165.3 lbs
Healthy BMI Range 128.9 – 174.2 lbs

How does virtual Weight Watchers work?

Virtual Workshops will be held via Zoom video conferencing, and will last for around 30 minutes. As always, you’ll learn science-based strategies for weight loss, get support from your WW Coach and fellow members to help you meet challenges, and celebrate your success with the WW community.

What is the best weigh in day for Weight Watchers?

If you’re weighing yourself weekly, also remember to do it on the same day every week. Research suggests that the best day for weekly weigh-ins is Wednesday. You perhaps had weekend splurges, like eating out or drinking alcohol, and may have started eating healthy again in the run-up to hump day.

How do I check-in for my weekly weigh-in?

A weekly check-in card will appear on your home screen on your weigh-in day. Tap to launch the experience. Track your weight. Take a moment to reflect on how you felt this week.

How do I get Started with Weight Watchers?

Tap your check-in cards daily. Each card is designed to help you build healthy habits, one small but powerful step at a time. If you’re new to WW, this is where you’ll be guided along your journey! Do a 5-Minute Coaching session or Breethe meditation to help you think more clearly and stress less.

How often should I weigh myself on WW?

Wondering how often you should weigh yourself on WW? There’s no one right answer, but we generally recommend that you do so at least once a week but no more than once a day.

How do I weigh in for WellnessWins™ wins?

Weigh in 15 minutes beforehand. In the app, tap your profile at the top right corner on iOS and bottom menu on Android, then tap “Track weight” to weigh-in. You will earn 50 WellnessWins™ Wins for tracking your weight in the app each week. Arrive 10 minutes early. If you have any technical issues, here’s how to troubleshoot.