Where was the Latitude Festival held?

Where was the Latitude Festival held?

Henham ParkLatitude Festival / Event locationHenham Park is an historic 4,200 acres estate in the parish of Wangford with Henham, situated north of the village of Blythburgh in the English county of Suffolk. The park is bordered to the east by the A12 road and to the west by the A145, the two roads meeting to the south of the estate.. Wikipedia

Is Latitude Festival any good?

The USP of Latitude is that it devotes as much of its bill to the arts as it does to music, making it the best music festival outside Glastonbury to enjoy something a touch more cerebral than the latest pop-folk band bellowing away on the main stage.

Can you take alcohol to Latitude Festival?

You are not permitted to bring alcohol into the arena. You can bring alcohol into the campsite, but not in excessive amounts.

What is camping like at Latitude?

Camping Options at Latitude: The Village includes an array of accommodation offerings, marvellously maintained sanitation facilities, around the clock security, pamper stations and even a relaxing bar. You can also bring your own motorhome or tent to Latitude.

Can you camp for one night at Latitude?

Day Campsite Day ticket holders may therefore choose to stay overnight and travel the following morning. For anyone wishing to camp in the Day Campsite, there will be a charge of £5.00 per person, payable on the day only. Basic facilities (toilets and drinking water) will be made available.

Are there showers at Latitude Festival?

There are toilets located throughout the festival site and the campsites, disabled toilets can also be found in all areas. Showers are located in The Village but are only open from 7.30pm to 12.30pm on Thursday, Friday to Sunday from 6am to 12.30pm and on Monday from 6am to 5pm.

Do you have to pay for parking at Latitude?

Car parking is included in the price of your ticket. No sleeping, camping or fires are allowed in the car parks. Tow-away vehicles will remove any illegally parked cars.

Is Latitude 2021 going ahead?

Is Latitude 2021 going ahead? It was announced on Friday 25 June that the festival WILL go ahead as part of a Government event research programme.

How do I get to the Longitude festival?

A shuttle bus will operate from George’s Quay in the city centre direct to Longitude Festival. Bus tickets are available for sale on a first come first serve basis at Marathon Sports Booking. Prices for the Shuttle are €10 when booked online up to 10:00 on the morning of the event, and €15 for walk-up-on-the-day.

Can you take food into Latitude 2021?

Please refill your empty bottles at the water points inside the arena for free. If you need to bring specific food or drink or medication due to a pre-existing medical condition, please bring supporting medical evidence. Please note: only bags A4 size or smaller are permitted in the arena.

Does Latitude Festival sell out?

All tickets for Latitude 2019 are now sold out!

Can you camp at Latitude Festival?

Weekend Campsites All Weekend Tickets include camping onsite. There are a number of colour-coded campsites around the site. There is plenty of space in the campsites for the capacity attending and so you should be able to find a space which is comfortable for you.

How much alcohol can I bring to Latitude?

b) Banned from arena – Bags larger than A4 in size, cans, alcohol of any kind, camping equipment, firewood, disposable barbeques, campsite stoves, audio recorders, umbrellas, large or open drinks bottles (under 500ml sealed* plastic soft drinks/water are permitted).

Can you swim at Latitude Festival?

We welcome all swimming abilities, but from previous years’ experience, a wetsuit is recommended for those not used to lake swimming in less than 17°C.

How much alcohol can I take to Latitude?