Do the cranberries have a Christmas song?

Do the cranberries have a Christmas song?

Real Christmas family spirit is generated by this ballad which surpasses all the rest currently available when it comes to sincerity.” In 2018, Billboard and Stereogum ranked the song number eight and number four, respectively, on their lists of the top ten Cranberries songs.

Do the cranberries have a Christmas album?

Christmas Hits & Christmas Songs.

Did Otis Redding sing a Christmas song?

He was 26-years-old, and had recorded “Sittin’ on the Dock of the Bay” three days before the crash. A year after his death, his label released “Merry Christmas, Baby.” The song was written by Lou Baxter and Johnny Moore, and first made famous by Charles Brown (not of the Vince Guaraldi fame).

Who did the original version of Please Come Home for Christmas?

“Please Come Home for Christmas” is a Christmas song, written in 1960 and released the same year by American blues singer and pianist Charles Brown.

What does ode to my family means?

In a 2017 interview that the lead singer of The Cranberries, Dolores O’Riordan, granted to Songfacts, she revealed the meaning behind “Ode to My Family”. According to her, the lyrics are about the choice she made to pursue the career of a rock star and the misunderstanding she had with her parents regarding her choice.

Where was Ode to My Family filmed?

Samuel Bayer directed the video, which he made at the same time as the visual for “Zombie.” Bayer traveled to to Belfast to get footage of real people that was used in both videos. The other scenes were shot in Los Angeles.

Who originally sang Merry Christmas Baby?

Merry Christmas Baby

“Merry Christmas Baby”
Single by Johnny Moore’s Three Blazers
Length 2:42
Label Exclusive
Songwriter(s) Lou Baxter, Johnny Moore

Did Otis Redding song White Christmas?

It was released in 1968 on Atco Records as a posthumous single from Otis Redding, and reached No. 12 on the Christmas Singles chart.

What does an ode do?

An ode is a lyrical poem that expresses praise, glorification, or tribute. It examines its subject from both an emotional and an intellectual perspective. Classic odes date back to ancient Greece, and they contain three sections: a strophe, an antistrophe, and an epode—effectively a beginning, middle, and end.

Who is the lead singer of The Cranberries?

Dolores O’RiordanThe Cranberries / Lead singer

When did Otis Redding Record Merry Christmas Baby?

Otis Redding – White Christmas / Merry Christmas Baby (1968, Vinyl) – Discogs.

Who wrote Merry Christmas?

Elton JohnEd Sheeran
Merry Christmas/Composers