What is AWG and MM2?

What is AWG and MM2?

AWG to MM2 Explained Since 1857, wire gauge to MM2 made determining a wire’s current-carrying ratings easier. AWG is determined by first figuring out the radius of a wire squared, time pi. Oftentimes the term “circular mil” is used. Circular mil is the area of a 1/1000 (or 1 mil) diameter circle.

What is 2mm in AWG?

American Wire Gauge to Metric Conversion Table

AWG METRIC (mm2) Our nearest Cable Approx.
16 1.31 1.5mm2
15 1.65 1.5mm 2 or 2mm 2
14 2.08 2mm2
13 2.62 3mm 2

Is mm2 the same as mm?

The square millimeters unit number 0.79 mm2, sq mm converts to 1 ∅ 1mm, one circle one millimeter diam.. It is the EQUAL area value of 1 circle one millimeter diam.

What diameter is 1.5 MM2 cable?


Nominal Overall Diameter mm Approx Weight Kg/100mt
3core 6.7 9
4core 7.2 11
5core 8.1 13

What does 1.5 MM2 cable mean?

Each one of the live and neutral wires has a cross sectional area of 1.5mm or 2.5mm. 1.5mm cable means a cross sectional area of 1.5mm of the live or neutral wire. If you snip one of the wires and look at one of the wires face down you will see it’s cross section.

How much load can be used in a 2.5 mm wire?

how many watts can a 2.5 mm cable take? 2.5 square BV wire, overhead wiring at 20 degrees, 220 volt power supply can be up to 4.4KW. Therefore, a 2.5 square BV wire can be used with a maximum of 4.4 KW.

What is equivalent of 4mm2 in AWG?

AWG to Metric Conversion Chart AWG Number Ø [Inch] Ø [mm] Ø [mm†] Resistance [Ohm/m] 4/0 = 0000 0.460 11.7 107 0.000161 3/0 = 000 0.410 10.4 85.0 0.000203 2/0 = 00 0.365 9.26 67.4 0.000256 1/0 = 0 0.325 8.25 53.5 0.000323 1 0.289 7.35 42.4 0.000407

What is AWG American Wire Gauge?

– Every three gauge numbers (#20 to #23, for example) represents a division (or multiplication) of the cross-section and resistance by a factor of 2. – Every 10 gauge numbers (#20 to #30AWG, for example) represents a 10-fold increase or decrease in cross section and resistance. – As a basis for all these numbers, #10AWG copper is 1 ohm per 1,000 feet.

How is AWG measured?

AWG or American Wire Gauge is the US standard measure for the diameter of electrical conductors. The American Wire Gauge chart is based on the number of dies originally required to draw the copper down to the required dimensional size. It means the higher the AWG number is, the smaller the wire diameter is.

What does AWG mean on wire?

American Wire Gauge Conductor Size Table.

  • American Wire Gauge (AWG) Sizes and Properties Chart/Table.
  • AWG Notes: American Wire Gauge (AWG) is a standardized wire gauge system used predominantly in the United States to note the diameter of electrically conducting wire.