Can unseen servant carry you?

Can unseen servant carry you?

It obeys the caster’s command to perform any action a human servant could do. It can carry only a maximum of 200 gp in weight (or 400 gp in weight pushing or pulling accross a smooth surface).

What can unseen servant do 5e?

The servant can perform simple tasks that a human servant could do, such as fetching things, cleaning, Mending, folding clothes, Lighting fires, serving food, and pouring wine.

Can you use unseen servant to scout?

Yes, the unseen servant can perform rudimentary scouting.

Can unseen servant use weapons?

Unseen Servants are not meant or suited to be used in combat. Their combat utility, if your DM even allows it at all, is extremely limited. An Unseen Servant can lift 100 pounds max, which is consistent with a strength of 5, and likewise cannot attack or take up space.

Can unseen servant wear clothes?

The “shapeless” part pretty much means the Unseen Servant force can not wear clothes the same way a human would. “Wearing” means letting the clothes take shape around the body.

Can unseen servants carry shields?

No. By raw any creature or object can give you cover with or without a shield, even if most DM’s ignore this.

Can unseen servant walk on water?

This servant cannot fly, climb, or even swim (though it can walk on water). Its base speed is 15 feet. The servant cannot attack in any way; it is never allowed an attack roll. It cannot be killed, but it dissipates if it takes 6 points of damage from area attacks.

Can unseen servant drive a cart?

Technically, yes. There is a speed figure for an Unseen Servant, along with a list of available actions (emphasis mine). It can run and fetch things, open unstuck doors, and hold chairs, as well as clean and mend.

Can unseen servant set off traps?

It can open only normal doors, drawers, lids, and the like. It has an effective Strength score of 2 (so it can lift 20 pounds or drag 100 pounds). It can trigger traps and such, but it can exert only 20 pounds of force, which is not enough to activate certain pressure plates and other devices.

Can an unseen servant wear clothes?

Can the caster see unseen servant?

You can’t know it is there As stated, the servant is invisible (meaning it cannot be seen) and is a force (meaning it cannot be touched).

Can an unseen servant use a healers kit?

It is reasonable to rule “Yes, the Unseen servant can pour healing potion into the mouth of another party member” who is not actively engaged in melee combat(moving about, swinging weapons, blocking, dodging) since that is: No more complicated than pouring wine into a glass.

Can unseen servant go through walls?

Thus, it could rip a paper wall but not just pass through it, and it certainly couldn’t pass through a stone wall. View this more as a suggestion on how to (house)rule it than as an answer on the rules. Counting the servant as normal sized, it can lift 30*2=60 pounds (27 kg).

Can unseen servant trigger traps?

It can trigger traps and such, but it can exert only 20 pounds of force, which is not enough to activate certain pressure plates and other devices. It can’t perform any task that requires a skill check with a DC higher than 10 or that requires a check using a skill that can’t be used untrained. Its speed is 15 feet.

Can you cast unseen servant multiple times?

You can have as many as you can cast. Unseen Servant has no concentration requirement, and no stipulation you can only have one servant at most. Compare that with Minor Illusion, which explicitly says you can only have one effect up: The illusion also ends if you dismiss it as an action or cast this spell again.

Can unseen servant row a boat?

behave as unseen servants but can travel anywhere on board ship and can enter the extradimensional space if you so direct. The spectral deckhands respond to the direction of the helmsman, reducing the number of crew necessary to control the caravel to 1.

Can unseen servants swim?

It can swim because nothing in the rules says it can’t. It can’t swim, because nothing in the rules says it can.

What is an unseen servant in DND 5e?

Unseen Servant. This spell creates an invisible, mindless, shapeless, Medium force that performs simple tasks at your command until the spell ends. The servant springs into existence in an unoccupied space on the ground within range. It has AC 10, 1 hit point, and a Strength of 2, and it can’t attack.

How do you use the unseen servant trait?

You summon an unseen servant, which you can command as part of Sustaining the Spell. It serves you until its Hit Points are reduced to 0, at which point the spell ends, or until you stop Sustaining the Spell. The unseen servant gains the summoned trait.

What can unseen servants do in Minecraft?

Force Body An unseen servant’s physical body is made of force. It can’t use attack actions. It can move and use Interact actions to do things such as fetch objects, open unstuck or unlocked doors, hold chairs, and clean. It can’t pass through solid objects.

What is the HP of an unseen servant?

An unseen servant is invisible, though it normally doesn’t Sneak, so it is usually only hidden. HP 4; Immunities disease, mental, non-magical attacks, paralysis, poison, precision, unconscious; Resistances all damage 5 (except force or ghost touch)