How do you read an Arctic Cat Code?

How do you read an Arctic Cat Code?

Arctic Cat Flash Codes

  1. 1 = Open or short circuit in TPS (throttle position sensor)
  2. 2 = Open or short circuit in water temp sensor.
  3. 3 = Open or short circuit in intake air temp sensor.
  4. 4 = Open or short circuit in the barometric pressure sensor.
  5. 5 = Injector failure.
  6. 6 = APV Servo motor failure.

How do you clear codes on a CAT forklift?

Start the stopwatch and turn the forklift key switch on simultaneously. Do not press the accelerator. succession, ending the set of five with the pedal released. You need to do this within 5 seconds–if pushing the accelerator five times in a row takes longer than 5 seconds you risk never clearing the codes.

How do you clear codes on a cat p5000?

did scribble in crayon, upon this forum: as the “Pedal Dance” in thread number 6842. Turn the ignition switch on with accel. pedal released,after 3 seconds fully depress the accel pedal 5 times within 5 seconds(end in released position).

How do you clear error codes on a CAT forklift?

Will a low battery cause codes?

A dying, fading car battery means low voltage. As a result, your car’s computer, which is responsible for reporting error codes, is also receiving low voltage. An error code will be generated which will in turn trigger the Check Engine Light or even the Battery Charge Warning Light to display.

Does disconnecting the battery reset codes?

Disconnecting the battery will clear the error codes and reset the check engine light.

What are the trouble codes for Arctic Cat?

Arctic Cat Trouble Codes C0063-Tilt Sensor Circuit High C0064-Tilt Sensor Circuit Low P0107-MAP sensor Circuit Low

What are some common problems with Arctic Cat batteries?

P0562-System Voltage Low (Battery voltage low – seems to be a common problem with Arctic Cat Batteries. Put it on charger.) If your battery goes dead or you start getting error codes, check under the hood.

How much is the EFI diagnostic plug for drift racing Arctic Cat?

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