How long is route 101 around Olympic National Park?

How long is route 101 around Olympic National Park?

365.55 mi
Within the state of Washington, US 101 connects cities on the coast of the Pacific Ocean and encircles the Olympic Peninsula around the Olympic Mountains….U.S. Route 101 in Washington.

U.S. Route 101
Maintained by WSDOT
Length 365.55 mi (588.30 km)
Existed 1926–present
Tourist routes Lewis and Clark Trail Pacific Coast Scenic Byway

Where does the 101 begin?

U.S. Route 101 (US 101) is a major north–south United States Numbered Highway, stretching from Los Angeles, California to Tumwater, Washington. The California portion of US 101 is one of the last remaining and longest U.S. Routes still active in the state, and the longest highway of any kind in California.

Where does the 101 start in Washington?

Port Townsend
Starting at charming Port Townsend, US-101 bends west around the north end of the Olympic National Forest, passing near the most northwesterly tip of the contiguous United States.

Where do you stop on the 101 in Washington?

For most Washingtonians, the easiest place to begin this road trip is the Hood Canal. This is the shadow of Olympic National Park, known for its peaceful waterfront property and fresh oysters. From there, you’ll head north on Highway 101, passing spots like Port Hadlock and Sequim.

How long does it take to drive the Olympic National Park loop?

approximately 2 hours
Spectacular views steps from the parking area. We drove on to Lake Quinault and the Quinault rainforest. The 31 mile drive around the lake took approximately 2 hours, with many stops for photos and short hikes off the road.

How long does it take to drive the Pacific Coast Highway from LA to Seattle?

about 18 hours
While one could hypothetically complete the Seattle to LA drive in about 18 hours, or two long days of driving, the route is best experienced if you take the time to get off of the interstate, hop on the PCH and see some of the highlights of one of the most iconic road trips in the world.

Are there gas stations inside Olympic National Park?

Park mileage charts This handy chart will provide mileage and driving times around Olympic National park. Gas stations are scarce within the park, so plan wisely by watching the fuel gauge.