What is the cost of marble in India?

What is the cost of marble in India?

The price of Indian Marble products is between ₹50 – ₹125 per sq ft during Sep ’19 – Jun ’22….Bhutra Marble Private Limited.

Indian Marble Price
June ’22 ₹75/sq ft
September ’21 ₹99/sq ft
December ’20 ₹55/sq ft
March ’20 ₹62/sq ft

Which floor marble is best?

Some of the most popular types of Indian marbles are –

  • #1 The Makrana marble, known for its serene white shades.
  • #2 The Ambaji marble from Gujarat, known for its impeccable quality.
  • #3 The Indian Green marble, exported across the world.
  • #4 The Onyx marble, renowned for its characteristic alternating bands of deep hues.

Which marble is good for house?

Indian marble is quarried extensively in north India, is a cost-effective choice and available in a wide variety of colours and textures. Indian marble has medium lustre and is a relatively harder stone. In terms of sustainability, it is the best marble for flooring in India.

How much does marble cost per square foot?

Marble comes in a wide range of styles and qualities with most homeowners paying between $40-$100 per square foot. For an average kitchen with a countertop size of 40 square feet, made with a mid-range marble at $50 per square foot, will cost around $2,400 and includes installation.

Is marble more expensive than granite?

When it comes to availability, marble is rarer than granite and therefore more expensive then it’s alternative. In saying that, Carrera marble is the most common and affordable marble type in the market, and in comparison with premium white granite, can be cost effective.

How much does marble cost per pound?

Which is the best marble?

Non-skid feet. Non-skid feet are critical in keeping your marble pastry board stable as you work with the pastry on top of it.

  • Easy care. Some people believe that marble is difficult to care for.
  • Accessories. If the goal is just to find the best marble pastry board,it’s always nice to get accessories.