Are Western Star dump trucks any good?

Are Western Star dump trucks any good?

Western Star 4700 is tough and versatile, the 4700 is more than just a great value. It’s a great truck. Its excellent efficiency and maneuverability make it perfect for local and regional hauls as a tractor, while its rugged dependability gives you the performance you can count on for almost any vocational application.

What engine is in a 2016 Western Star?

Detroit DD15® engine
Serious Power. The new Detroit DD15® engine delivers more with less weight, powering the evolution of a new era in efficient driving. The DD15 is part of the Integrated Detroit Powertrain, three specifically-engineered Detroit components working together to improve efficiency, performance, and reliability.

Why do you need a dump trailer?

in length because of its ability to heavy-duty haul while still moving around easily. Also, consider the types of roads you’ll be driving on; if it’s tough terrain, you might want a smaller trailer, but if your load tends to be on the higher end, you need a dump trailer that can hold its weight.

What makes the 5700 Western Star 5700 so special?

The Western Star 5700 has a distinctive face that’s unlike any other truck in the marketplace. The raised center section of the hood has been carried over and this section on the truck I drove was painted matte black, reducing glare off the hood. The sun visor has also been kept, which helps direct air over top the roof cap.

What kind of aerodynamic package does the 5700xe have?

The recently introduced 5700XE features razor-edged styling that efficiently cuts through air and makes the new model the most aerodynamic of Western Star’s offerings. An optimized aerodynamics package is available for day cab, 68- and 82-inch configurations, and includes an aero roof cap, 20-inch cab side extenders, and chassis side fairings.

Where are Daimler 5700xe made?

At our state-of-the-art Daimler plant in Cleveland, North Carolina, each 5700XE is assembled by hand, using the toughest Western Star components and the most advanced Daimler technology available. It’s not the least expensive way to build a truck, but it is the Western Star way.

How many horsepower does a 5700ex have?

2016 Western Star 5700EX, Detroit DD15, 505 HP, DT12 Automatic, 13.3/40 Axles, 4 Way Lockers, 773,000 Miles, 15,000 Engine Hours, 82″ Sleeper, ThermoKing TriPac Evolution APU w/ 6000 Hours, Herd Mo… See More Details