Should I let my son join the Air Force?

Should I let my son join the Air Force?

Your child can do amazing things and forge an incredible career in the Air Force, but joining is a big decision and shouldn’t be made alone. If your child aspires to join, take the time to learn about what they can expect from life in the Air Force.

How hard is it to join the Air Force?

How hard it is to get into the Air Force Academy? Many places you’ll see admission stats claiming that USAFA has around a 10% admission rate. This is true if you include the thousands of students who inquire about admission. In reality, the offers of admission for QUALIFIED applicants range from 50-60%.

What can I send my son in Air Force basic training?

Families should use good judgement on what to send to a trainee in Air Force Basic Training. A simple hand-written letter sent in a white envelope is sufficient. Families writing to a trainee should attempt to write positive and encouraging letters. Avoid sending care packages or contraband items to trainees.

Can you fail Air Force Basic Training?

Only 8.2 percent of recruits fail to make it through Air Force Basic Military Training (AFBMT). Most of these cases are not due to reasons of failing any aspect of basic. The vast majority are due to medical reasons, often pre-existing medical conditions that the recruit and Air Force didn’t know about.

What can I send to my son in Air Force basic training?

Can your family live with you in the Air Force?

However, unless your dependents move to your duty location, you are not authorized to reside in on-base family housing, because the rules say to qualify, your dependents must be living with you. If there is extra space available in the barracks or dormitories, you are allowed to live there, and still, receive your BAH.

Is being in the Air Force hard?

Life in the Air Force requires hard work, but also allows time for your own pursuits. Typically, you can expect an eight-hour workday, leaving plenty of time to relax, recharge and do other things you enjoy once you change out of uniform. Airmen get 30 days vacation with pay each year to use at their discretion.

How do I get in touch with my son in the Air Force?

The Air Force Friends and Family Instant Messaging (AFIM) service is a great way to stay connected with your son or daughter. Be sure your Airman knows about the program and enrolls you, as you cannot register on your own. AFIM can be accessed through the Air Force Portal.

Is it safe to join the Air Force right now?

When compared to other branches of the military (specifically the Marine Corps and Army), the Air Force is considered one of the safer branches to serve in. What is Air Force pay like? Like other branches of the military, pay is dictated by the length of time you’ve served, as well as your rank.

What happens after basic training in the Air Force?

Following Basic Training, you’ll proceed to technical school to learn your Air Force job. When you graduate technical school, you’ll be granted a week or two of leave (vacation time), and then it’s on to your first duty assignment. Good luck with your Air Force career!

What is there to do on Air Force base for families?

Families and loved ones are invited onto the base to witness several exciting ceremonies. The Airman’s Run and Coin Ceremony are held on Thursday. During the run your airman runs with his entire flight singing cadences-it’s exciting and I was so proud to see my son.