What are the different levels of Fender Stratocaster?

What are the different levels of Fender Stratocaster?

The four families of Fender Stratocasters are (listed from lesser to greater quality): Squier Stratocaster, Player Stratocaster (made in Mexico), American Stratocasters which break out into various series including American Performer Stratocasters, and American Professional Stratocasters.

How do I know what kind of Stratocaster I have?

Serial numbers tell you the year, month and factory. Other than a few exceptions to the system, they won’t tell you the model. The easiest way is to post photos and the specification (as best you know it) here, and someone will probably recognise the model.

What does SSS Stratocaster mean?

What is an SSS configuration? An SSS pickup configuration has a single-coil pickup in the bridge, middle and neck position. It is the configuration most commonly associated with the Stratocaster and has a bright but sometimes thin tone that can be susceptible to feedback when high-gain amp settings are used.

Is HSS the best Strat?

Although it may seem weird, it’s what some expect of a Stratocaster. So to sum it up, HSS is way more versatile and SSS is the classic simpler choice. HSS might be better for metal and hard rock due to having a humbucker. And the SSS is the classic option for country, blues, and funk.

How to identify a Stratocaster body?

Well, sometimes early models have the date actually printed on the end of the neck that gets bolted onto the body…..it is hidden until you take off the neck…………………….this is in addition to the usual serial number place………………….so if you have access to the original neck from the body you want, information could be gleaned………..

How do put a Telecaster neck on a Stratocaster body?

DeeDub. I’ve got a few pieces laying around,and thought about trying that combo.

  • Laroosco! I’ve been told that you can put a Tele neck on a Strat but not the other way around.
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  • What is the best Stratocaster?

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  • How much is my Fender Stratocaster worth?

    The easy answer is “it depends”, but that’s not very helpful. Without any more information other than the year, and without seeing/playing/evaluating it, I’d venture to suggest that it is probably worth somewhere in the neighborhood of $ 22-$ 25,000 USD.