What is the APN for Docomo?

What is the APN for Docomo?

The Access Point Network (APN) for Docomo Pacific is ‘internet’. Use the AT+CGDCONT AT command to set the APN for Docomo Pacific.

How can I connect Tata Docomo WIFI?

For smartphones and tablets Smartphones and tablets with a DOCOMO line subscription can connect to “SSID:0001docomo” via SIM authentication. For smartphones and tablets without a DOCOMO line subscription, enable d Wi-Fi in the d ACCOUNT setting app to connect to “SSID:0001docomo” automatically.

What is Docomo Wi-Fi?

This service provides Internet connection not only for smartphones, but for Wi-Fi compatible devices such as PCs and tablets. The service can be used at cafes, convenience stores, restaurants, and other establishments. Secure and stable DOCOMO network is available at Wi-Fi SPOTs in Japan. Application : Required.

How do I connect my Nokia to Tata DoCoMo 3G?

Select Enable 3G, click on the cellular data network and enter APN as TATA.DOCOMO.INTERNET and save. Tata Docomo 3G settings in Nokia phones: Open your Nokia mobile settings, then network settings and create a new connection with APN as TATA.DOCOMO.DIVE.IN and save.

How is the DoCoMo 3G deployment in India?

Tata Docomo’s partner NTT Docomo is the pioneer of 3G in the world. So the Docomo 3G deployment in India was pretty smooth and fast. Tata Docomo has a HSPA+ 3G network which is capable of delivering 3G speeds up-to 21mbps.

How to use 3glife in Tata Docomo?

If you are not sure how to do this configuration, SMS “3GLife” (without quotes) to 53333 or call 18002660000 from your Tata Docomo prepaid or postpaid connection. Follow the simple instructions from Tata Docomo and jump into the 3GLife.

Where does DoCoMo have 3G license?

Docomo has 3G license in Kerala, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Punjab, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Goa, Rajasthan, Chattisgarh (Madhya Pradesh and Karnataka. We earlier shared 3Gsettings and APN configuration procedure for BSNL .