What is traditional instrument in Myanmar?

What is traditional instrument in Myanmar?

The saung-gauk is the national musical instrument of Burma and evidence exists of it being continuously played since the 8th century, predominantly in the chamber music of the Royal Court.

What are the different musical instruments of Myanmar?

Myanmar Musical Instruments

  • Kyey – Metal Instruments.
  • Kyo – String Instruments.
  • Thaye – Instruments Made of Leather.
  • Lei – Wind Instruments.
  • Let Khoke – Percussion Instruments Used for Timing.
  • Clappers & Patala – Xylophone.

What is the famous instrument of Myanmar ensemble?

The traditional folk ensemble, typically used in nat pwe (Burmese theatre, art and festivals) is called the hsaing waing (ဆိုင်းဝိုင်း). It is mainly made up of different gongs and drums, as well as other instruments, depending on the nature of performance.

What do you called to the percussion instruments in Myanmar?

Individual gongs are called Kyey Naung (brass gong), Maung (gong), Wa Maung (gong), Teta Maung (gong) depending on their size.

Where did the Khim come from?

The khim is a stringed musical instrument derived from the Mesopotamian or Persian Santur. It is similar to the Hammered Dulcimer or Cimbalom. This khim was introduced to Thailand from China, and introduced to Lao and Cambodia from Thailand later, where a similar instrument is called yangqin.

What is the name of the double headed drum on a stand in Myanmar?

The two-headed tacked drum hung in an elaborate circular frame in court music is a gaku-daiko or tsuri-daiko.

What kind of last name is khim?

The last name Khim (Bengali: খিম, Hindi: खीम, Marathi: खीम, Oriya: ଖିମ, Russian: Хим, Tibetan: ཁིམ་) occurs most in Cambodia.

What does a khim look like?

Irregular rectangle shape or trapezoid This shape is the bigger size of khim with two bridges and 9, 11, or 15 notes. This trapezoid-shaped khim is very convenient to carry because it is a portable khim that is easy to carry.

What is WA Letkhot?

Wa letkhot (ဝါးလက်ခုပ်, lit. ‘bamboo clapper’) – wooden clappers.

How many Kim clans are there?

There are some 300 other Kim clans, including those who originate from Gyeongju, Andong (which actually has two Kim clans), and Gwangsan.

What are the musical instruments used in Myanmar?

Musical instruments are divided into 6 groups: Kyey instruments are metal instruments used in Myanmar traditional music, which made instruments such as gongs and their functions vary in music. The main kinds including Kyey Se (Burmese bell), Linkwin (cymbals), Ci Wain (gong circle), Maun Sain (gong set).

What are the different types of gongs in Myanmar?

Specifically, individual gongs are called Maung (gong), Wa Maung (gong), Teta Maung (gong), Kyey Naung (brass gong) based on their size. When the Maung gongs are being assembled together, they are called “ci wain”. Ci Wain (gong circle) is a smaller component of the pat wain drum circle and is associated to be played much easier.

What is a gong?

A gong is a percussion instrument originating in East and Southeast Asia. Gongs are a flat, circular metal disc that is typically struck with a mallet. They can be small or large in size, and tuned or untuned.

What are gongs in Indonesian music?

In Indonesian gamelan ensembles, instruments that are organologically gongs come in various sizes with different functions and different names.