Can u answer this there are 5 people in a room?

Can u answer this there are 5 people in a room?

Explanation: If there are 5 people in a room, and one walks into the room and kill 4 out of 5 persons, then there will be 6 persons in the room because the person who killed will also be counted as a person in the room, along with those who the person killed.

Can you answer this sleep and hungry?

The answer is “your eyes”.

What can speak without a mouth?

An echo
An echo speaks without a mouth and hears without ears. It comes alive with wind. Hence, ‘An echo’ is the required answer to this riddle.

What’s the first thing you open?

The first thing you will open is your eyes. Since the first phrase of the riddle states that you are sleeping. So, you would open your eyes first before anything else. Then you would open your room’s door, and finally the fridge’s door.

What did you open first riddle?

The first thing you open is your eyes. You were – after all – asleep. (People who sleep with their eyes open notwithstanding).

When ur sleeping and you are hungry?

What are some of the best WhatsApp food items puzzles?

Here’s a very amazing Whatsapp food items puzzle. Simply copy it and share on WhatsApp. 2.??? 4.?? 5.?da? 6.?? 8.?? 11.?? 12.??? 13.??? 14.?. bi? 15.?? 1. Batata Vada 2. Samosa 3. Bread Pakoda 4. Pav Bhaji 5. Ragda Pattice 6. Pani Puri 7. Nachos 8. Bread Omelet 9. Manchurian 10. Kabab 11. Corn Chat 12. Sweet Corn Soup 13. Fried Chicken 14.

How many WhatsApp dare games are there?

In this article, we are going to provide you 50+ WhatsApp Dare Games, Whatsapp Puzzles Question, and Answer which you can send to your friends and prank them. Apart from being used as the instant messaging app, WhatsApp is also being used for solving puzzles and riddles.

What is whatsapp and how to use it?

Nowadays, from 8s to 80, almost everyone is using WhatsApp to connect and interact with friends, relatives, and colleagues via chatting, video/voice calls, multimedia messages, and groups.