What are 5 cool Colombian slang terms?

What are 5 cool Colombian slang terms?

Top 10 Colombian Slang Terms

  • ¿Qué más? Colombians like to greet friends like this: “¡Hola!
  • Man / Vieja. Forget the standard Spanish words of “hombre” and “mujer” to refer to men and women; in Colombia these two slang terms are much more popular.
  • Parce, Parcero/a.
  • Bacano / Chévere.
  • Rumbear.
  • Parche.
  • Guaro.
  • Harto.

What are Colombian slang words?

If you really want to speak like a Colombian you should learn our 30 Basic slang words:

  • Vecino/Vecina. Literal meaning: Neighbor.
  • Tinto. How would Colombia be without a “tintico”? Literal meaning:
  • Guaro. Literal meaning: Doesn’t have a specific English translation.
  • Polas. Meaning:
  • Pena. ¡Qué pena!
  • Tusa. Literal meaning:

Is parcero a bad word?

A final use of the term “parcero” is as a local equivalent of “amiguero” or “friendly” / “someone who has a lot of friends”. In other words, “he’s very friendly” or just “he’s a real good guy”.

What does Chimba mean for Colombians?

chimba (a very cool person or thing) As a noun, “una chimba” is someone or something very cool. Example: Esa canción es una chimba (That song is very cool (literally “a very cool one”). Alternatively, the word “chimba” can be used as a synonym for “luck.”

What does Bobo mean in Colombia?

Bobo (or boba for a girl) means silly, foolish, or naive and is a synonym for the Central American word tonto.

What does Paila mean in Colombia?

frying pan
Paila: The word paila literally means frying pan, but colloquially means something like ‘screwed’ or ‘all out of something’. If you order a coffee but the restaurant has run out, the waiter might say paila. If your friend wants to go out for dinner but you’re broke, you could say “No, estoy paila”.

What does Chevere mean?

terrific, cool, awesome
chévere (plural chéveres) (slang, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, El Salvador) terrific, cool, awesome, nifty synonym ▲ Synonyms: see Thesaurus:guay.

What is Paiso?

PAISO. Public Affairs and Information Services Office.

What does Pichurria mean?

Colloquial. pichurria [f] CO derog. useless thing.

What is Pequeno?

British English: little /ˈlɪtl/ ADJECTIVE. A person or thing that is little is small in size. They live in a little house. American English: little /ˈlɪtəl/