What is the best Tube map app?

What is the best Tube map app?

Our travel app TfL Go is built around our iconic Tube map. Add it to your iOS and Android devices to plan your journey around London.

Does Google Maps work on the tube?

Google Maps also recently added traffic updates for all roads, allowing users to assess typical traffic by time of day for smaller roads as well as major highways. The service already offers public transport directions for national train routes, London Underground, DLR and bus routes.

What is Tube Map Pro?

Tube Map Pro uses the official Tube Map from Transport for London (TfL) with live travel information and a journey planner – all free from adverts. This app is the Pro version of Mapway’s award-winning Tube Map which has over 20 million downloads worldwide.

What’s the best app for London Tube?

Tube Map is the award-winning navigation app that includes the official TfL (Transport for London) Tube Map. Tube Map – London Underground works both on and offline and is the #1 Tube Map with over 20 million downloads! Key features: Uses the official TfL iconic Harry Beck London Underground map design.

Is there an app for London Underground?

What is better Google Maps or Citymapper?

Google maps might cover many more cities and display a lot more information. Still, if you simply want an app that will get you to your destination easier, Citymapper is the best choice. Citymapper is the best software to use when you’re looking for directions.

Does Google own Citymapper?

Citymapper was founded by Azmat Yusuf, a former Google employee, who also serves as Citymapper’s CEO….Citymapper.

Developer(s) Citymapper Limited
Operating system Android, iOS, Mobile Web
Type GPS navigation software
License Proprietary software
Website citymapper.com

Can I tap my Oyster using my phone?

Now, free app TfL Oyster (available on Apple and Android) allows you top up your Oyster card on your phone, and collect the top-up from any tube or rail station, tram stop or river bus pier as little as 30 minutes later.

What is the best navigation app for London?

6 of the best: Free sat-nav apps

  • CoPilot GPS [2 stars] Platforms: iOS, Android.
  • Navmii [3 stars] Platforms: iOS, Android, Windows.
  • Google Maps [4 stars] Platforms: iOS, Android.
  • GPS Navigation by Scout [2 stars] Platforms: iOS, Android.
  • Here WeGo [3 stars] Platforms: iOS, Android.
  • Waze [4 stars]

How accurate is Citymapper?

It’s also true that, just like in Google Maps, information about delays and stoppages in Citymapper isn’t always 100 percent accurate. I’ve had precious few problems in this regard, but friends who also use it to get around the city have been misled by Citymapper before.