Who distributes Vernors soda?

Who distributes Vernors soda?

In 1971, Vernors was sold to American Consumer products, then to United Brands, which closed the Detroit bottling plant in the 1980s, and then it was sold to A&W Brands. In 1993, A&W was acquired by Cadbury Schweppes; and in 2008, Cadbury’s North American beverages business was spun off as Dr. Pepper Snapple Group.

Is Vernors in Texas?

The Vernors brand was purchased by A&W Beverages in 1987, which was in turn purchased by Cadbury Schweppes. Today, Vernors is property of Keurig Dr Pepper of Burlington, Vermont, and Plano, Texas, and the flagship bottling plant serving Michigan is the Keurig Dr Pepper bottling plant in Holland, Michigan.

Why is Vernors ginger ale out of stock everywhere?

Canadian Vernors ginger ale production temporarily stopped due to COVID-19. Canadian production of Vernors ginger ale, a Detroit soft drink that’s particularly popular in Windsor-Essex, has been temporarily halted due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Why is Vernors so hard to find?

As has been the case with some other niche food products during the pandemic, the manufacturers opted to halt production in order to ensure its more popular products were still available. “Up until the COVID, we’ve been able to buy it. No problem getting it anywhere.

What states can you buy Vernors ginger ale?

Currently, it’s available in grocery stores, convenience shops, and restaurants across 33 states. You can even find Vernors in Ontario. However, Michigan is still the brand’s largest market. Illinois and Ohio are large markets for the ginger ale as well.

What company makes Vernors ginger ale?

Keurig Dr PepperVernors / Manufacturer
The Vernor family sold the company to an investment group in 1966; it was later owned by American Consumer Products, United Brands and then A&W Beverages. Purchased by Cadbury-Schweppes in 1993, today Vernors is part of Dr. Pepper Snapple, one of the nation’s largest beverage producers.

Where is the Vernors factory?

4501 Woodward Ave., Detroit, Mich.

Is Vernors back in production?

The Canadian supply of Vernors ginger ale fizzled out a year ago due to the pandemic, but fans of the century-and-a-half-old drink are now bubbling over its apparent return.

Is Vernors ginger ale still aged in oak barrels?

Vernor used real ginger in his original recipe, but the ingredients list on the current drink only includes natural flavors. On top of that, Vernors is aged in oak barrels for three years instead of four.

Is Vernors ginger ale discontinued?

“Our Vernors ginger ale is not discontinued,” Shanks wrote in an email statement. “We are planning on keeping this brand going for a long time.”

Why is Vernors so expensive?

WHY IS the vernors on the website so expensive…considering that a 2liter is only at the MOST 2.00$ at a store..why why why please help the poor souls afford this yummmmy gingerale – living in mi Going to find some Vernors right now in honor of my Pontiac born Dad and Flint born Mom.

Why is Vernors sold out?

The Canadian supply of Vernors ginger ale fizzled out a year ago due to the pandemic, but fans of the century-and-a-half-old drink are now bubbling over its apparent return. Michele Scott spotted the ginger ale at a Metro grocery store in Windsor, Ont., late last week and grabbed three cases.

What states can you buy Vernors?

Vernors is the oldest surviving ginger ale sold in the United States, although there were a number of brands of ginger ale and ginger beer sold prior to 1880. Vernor opened a drugstore of his own in Detroit, Michigan, on Woodward Avenue, on the southwest corner of Clifford Street and sold his ginger soda at its soda fountain.

Where can I buy Vernors?

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