Can we use ViewBag to pass data from view to controller?

Can we use ViewBag to pass data from view to controller?

ViewBag itself cannot be used to send data from View to Controller and hence we need to make use of Form and Hidden Field in order to pass data from View to Controller in ASP.Net MVC Razor.

How do I pass TempData value from view to controller?

You should set the TempData value beforehand, in the controller that renders your view….2 Answers

  1. Use an HTML with input fields that will send the data to the server.
  2. Use an anchor and pass data as query string parameters to the controller.
  3. Use javascript and send an AJAX request or a redirect to the server.

How Pass value from view to controller in MVC without model?

To get data from the FormCollection object we need to pass it is as a parameter and it has all the input field data submitted on the form.

  1. [HttpPost]
  2. public ActionResult CalculateSimpleInterestResult(FormCollection form)
  3. {
  4. decimal principle = Convert.ToDecimal(form[“txtAmount”].ToString());

Which methods that can be used to pass data from the controller to the view?

ViewData, ViewBag, and TempData are used to pass data between controller, action, and views. To pass data from the controller to view, either ViewData or ViewBag can be used. To pass data from one controller to another controller, TempData can be used.

Why do we use ViewBag in MVC?

The Microsoft Developer Network writes that the ViewBag property allows you to share values dynamically to the view from the controller. As such, it is considered a dynamic object without pre-set properties.

How to pass strongly typed data from controller to view using viewbag?

To pass the strongly typed data from Controller to View using ViewBag, we have to make a model class then populate its properties with some data and then pass that data to ViewBag with the help of a property. And then in the View, we can access the data of model class by using ViewBag with the pre-defined property.

How do I use viewbag objects?

You can use ViewBag objects for small amounts of data, transferring it from the controller to the view. It will work well for such cases as: It’s a great way to access data that you use but may reside outside the data model. It is also easy to use because it’s implemented as a property of both controllers and view.

What is the difference between viewbag and Viewdata?

In general, ViewBag is a way to pass data from the controller to the view. It is a type object and is a dynamic property under the controller base class. Compared to ViewData, it works similarly but is known to be a bit slower and was introduced in ASP.NET MVC 3.0 (ViewData was introduced in MVC 1.0).

Is it possible to pass a model to a view?

It would be better to create a view model to pass to the view: With your current implementation, what you are trying to achieve when you call @ViewBag.Employee in the view, is to write the model out as a string representation. With the current implementation, to convert the model to a string, the ToString () method of the model is called.