How do you describe family bonding?

How do you describe family bonding?

Family bonding time is the quality time that you spend with your family, doing things that you love. It could include doing activities together, going on a picnic, watching a movie together, having meals together, helping each other out, playing a game, and much more.

What are words associated with family?


  • blood,
  • clan,
  • folks,
  • house,
  • kin,
  • kindred,
  • kinfolk.
  • (or kinfolks),

How would you describe family?

family, a group of persons united by the ties of marriage, blood, or adoption, constituting a single household and interacting with each other in their respective social positions, usually those of spouses, parents, children, and siblings.

How do you describe a strong family?

Strong families have warmth and care, good communication, predictability, and strong connections to others outside the family. Looking after yourself is an important part of raising a strong family.

How do you describe a happy family?

A happy family ebbs and flows with life, keeps commitments, seeks balance & integrity, and chooses loving and productive habits. They are loyal to each other & remember that serving others is a high priority.

What are 5 characteristics of strong families?


  • Expressed Appreciation.
  • A Strong Marriage.
  • Time Together.
  • Good Communication.
  • A Healthy Lifestyle.
  • Spiritual Strength.
  • A Positive Outlook.
  • What is another word for good family?

    What is another word for good family?

    gentility refinement
    culture style
    urbanity elegance
    grace cultivation
    breeding couth

    What are the 6 qualities of family strength?

    Six traits of strong families

    • Strong families express appreciation and affection.
    • Strong families have a strong commitment to each other.
    • Strong families spend enjoyable time together.
    • Strong families manage stress and crisis effectively.
    • Strong families have a sense of spiritual well-being.

    What are some examples of family traits?

    Hairline shape, hair color, and freckles are examples of family traits. A family tendency is a genetic trait.

    What is the word for close family?

    immediate next of kin. close kin. next of kin. loved ones. β€œHe wanted to come down to Kent to be nearer his close family and it was a shock when he died so soon afterwards.”

    What is another word for family bond?

    16 other terms for family bond- words and phrases with similar meaning Lists synonyms antonyms definitions sentences thesaurus phrases suggest new bonds of family familial match familial ties family bonds family cohesion family connection

    What are some words to describe a family relationship?

    Words to Describe Family Relationships 1 adoring 2 affectionate 3 boisterous 4 brotherly 5 close-knit 6 cohesive 7 competitive 8 devoted 9 distant 10 doting

    How do you describe family members?

    If you are looking to get words to describe family members, we have a few below that will fit the task accordingly. β€œI consider the relationship between my family and I to be very close. We talk on the phone every week and sometimes, every day. I also inform my parents and siblings of all of my major decisions before I make them.”

    How to describe family structure in 5 words?

    Words to Describe Family Structure 1 adoptive 2 biological 3 birth 4 blended 5 blood 6 childless 7 clan 8 co-parenting 9 extended 10 generations 11 immediate 12 in-law 13 intertwined 14 joint 15 kin 16 matriarchal 17 nontraditional 18 nuclear 19 one-parent 20 step 21 same-sex 22 single-parent 23 patriarchal 24 traditional 25 tribe More