Is the OI Experimental good?

Is the OI Experimental good?

The O-I Experimental still has a fair amount of differences compared to higher-tier Japanese heavies — exact opposite to what AP guns are at Tiers VI to X (high alpha, poor DPM, gun handling, and accuracy), the 7.5cm gun has great DPM, gun handling and decent accuracy but lackluster alpha damage.

Is the OI a good tank?

Not only does it carry the most powerful gun of its tier, the O-I also sports some of the toughest protection in tier 6; it easily can hold itself against tier 7 tanks with its thick armor & raw firepower.

How heavy is the OI?

120+ tons
O-I super-heavy tank

No. built 1 prototype
Mass 120+ tons
Length 10 m

How much does a type 5 heavy tank weigh?

Type 5 Chi-Ri medium tank

Type 5 Chi-Ri
Mass 37 tonnes (40.8 US short tons; 81,571 lb)
Length 7.3 m (23 ft 11 in)
Width 3.05 m (10 ft 0 in)
Height 3.05 m (10 ft 0 in)

Was the Ho Ri ever built?

The 105 mm main gun was produced and tested. However, according to multiple sources, no prototypes of the Ho-Ri were completed.

What is the O-I experimental?

The O-I Experimental is a Japanese tier 5 heavy tank. Development of this superheavy tank was initiated by Colonel Iwakuro from the Army Ministry of Japan. The project was carried out by the Mitsubishi company, therefore the vehicle became known as the Mi-To. In the army, the tank was designated the O-I. Details of the project are largely unknown.

What tier is the O-I experimental in WOT?

Tank Guide: O-I Experimental. Posted By: WoT Guru October 13, 2015. The O-I Experimental is a tier 5 Japanese heavy tank that weighs in at a whopping 100 tons making it easily surpass many of the tanks it will normally face in the mid-tiers.

How good is the O-I experimental in War Thunder?

The O-I Experimental is a Tier V Japanese Heavy Tank. This tank marks the first evolution of Japanese Super-Heavies and sets motion to the bases of these types of tanks. Talking armor wise, this tank does boast some nice armor, with 128mm and 115mm of armor at the front. However, obvious weak spots are known: Mini turrets, cupola, and LFP.

Is the O-I experimental the end of the heavy line?

The O-I Experimental marks the end of its Japanese heavy line. – 12cm howitzer is capable of doing titanic damage if it penetrates with its HE shells – The HEAT shells on the derp have high penetration, making the O-I Exp very scary opponent to fight from the front