What are the characteristics of paddlefish?

What are the characteristics of paddlefish?

Key Characteristics Paddlefish are unique fish with a long paddle-shaped snout that is about 1/3 the length of the body. These fish have small eyes, numerous slender gill rakers, a large tapering operculum flap that extends to the pelvic fins, and a deeply forked abbreviate heterocercal caudal fin.

At what age do paddlefish produce the most offspring?


  • American paddlefish breed every 2 to 3 years.
  • American paddlefish spawn in the late winter and spring.
  • Average number of offspring many thousands.
  • Range time to hatching 5 (high) days.
  • Range age at sexual or reproductive maturity (female) 10 to 12 years.

What is the average lifespan of a paddlefish?

The eggs hatch and the larval fish are swept downstream to deeper pools where they grow to adulthood. Paddlefish can attain a length of 10 to 14 inches their first year, and at age 17 can be 60 inches long. Paddlefish can live to be 30 years old or more.

How much meat do you get from a paddlefish?

Mature female fish (about 20 to 70 pounds) can produce about 15 percent of their body weight in roe (3 to 10 pounds). However, there are some disadvantages to paddlefish and their production.

Why do paddlefish jump out of the water?

In Wisconsin, apparently, the paddlefish jump from late June through August in the Wisconsin River to dislodge native parasitic lampreys that have attached themselves to the paddlefish. Dr. Lyons says that if you watch closely, sometimes you can see the lampreys flying off as the paddlefish leap!

Why are paddlefish endangered?

American paddlefish populations have declined dramatically primarily because of overfishing, habitat destruction, and pollution. Poaching has also been a contributing factor to its decline and is liable to continue to be so as long as the demand for caviar remains strong.

What is the world record paddlefish?

(KNWA/KFTA) — A world-record paddlefish was caught in Oklahoma on Tuesday, according to a Facebook post from the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation. Grant Rader, of Wichita, Kansas, “snagged” the 164-pound fish at Keystone Lake near Tulsa.

Can you freeze paddlefish?

The meat is sold fresh in late winter and early spring. It also freezes well; in fact, certain preparations of paddlefish, particularly older and larger fish, benefit from freezing.

Can paddlefish live in ponds?

With adequate supplies of zooplankton, their primary food source for most of their life, paddlefish grow very rapidly (up to 10 pounds per year). Techniques have been developed and perfected to propagate paddlefish artificially, and fingerlings can be raised intensively in production ponds.

Are paddlefish endangered?

VulnerableAmerican paddlefish / Conservation status

How many paddlefish are left in the world?

Generous estimates state that there are less than 100 individual paddlefish left in the wild, down from around 10,000 in the 1970s.

Can you sell paddlefish eggs?

I highly discourage any attempt to sell paddlefish roe or caviar, as they are threatened in parts of the US and their population needs to be protected.

How old can spoonbill get?

Paddlefish can live for 20 to 30 years. Males reach sexual maturity at the age of 4 to 9 years; females at 6 to 12 years. Females can release up to 600,000 eggs after migrating to spawning grounds in early spring during high flows.

Where can I find Polyodon spathula?

Polyodon spathula (American paddlefish) is currently found in 22 states that are part of the Mississippi River drainage (Mims, 2001). American paddlefish distribution is now restricted to this system of large, slow-moving rivers. In the past, P. spathula was located in 4 more states in this drainage, the Great Lakes, and Canada (Graham, 1997).

Is Polyodon spathula a filter feeder?

Polyodon spathula is a faunivore specialized for filter feeding. As described above, American paddlefish use electroreceptors to locate zooplankton in turbid water (Wilkins, 2002). Examples of animals in the P. spathula diet are copepods, cladocerans such Daphnia pulex, and ephemeropteran nymphs (Hoxmeier, 1997).

What is the function of the Large rostrum of pteridophytes spathula?

The large rostrum (paddle) of P. spathula is covered with electroreceptors (Russell, 2002). This paddle is essentially a highly sensitive antenna used to gather information about the surrounding environment through changing electrical fields.