What are the hunting seasons in Wisconsin?

What are the hunting seasons in Wisconsin?

Wisconsin Deer Seasons

Archery and Crossbow Sept. 18-Jan. 9
Youth Deer Oct. 9-10
Firearms Nov. 20-28
Muzzleloader Nov. 29-Dec. 8
December Antlerless Dec. 9-12

How long is deer hunting season in Wisconsin?


2022 Seasons
Youth deer hunt Oct. 8–9, 2022
Gun Nov. 19–27, 2022
Muzzleloader Nov. 28–Dec. 7, 2022
December 4-Day Antlerless Only Hunt Dec. 8–11, 2022

What day is opening deer hunting in Wisconsin?

Helpful Resources Wisconsin’s deer hunting season opens as early as September 18, 2021 for bow.

What time does gun deer season start in Wisconsin?

Deer Hunting Seasons

2022 Seasons
Youth deer hunt Oct. 8-9, 2022
Gun Nov. 19-27, 2022
Muzzleloader Nov. 28-Dec. 7, 2022
December 4-Day Antlerless Hunt Dec. 8-11, 2022

Can you shoot deer on your own property in Wisconsin?

PRIVATE LAND Much of the land in Wisconsin is privately owned. Hunters can typically freely take game animals hunted on their own private property, or may seek permission from a landowner to hunt on private property.

Can you track a deer on private property in Wisconsin?

Wisconsin’s trespass law states that you must have written or verbal permission to hunt on someone’s land. “Good communication between hunters and rural landowners will ensure a safe and enjoyable hunting season,” Wisconsin Farm Bureau’s Executive Director of Governmental Relations Paul Zimmerman said.

When does gun deer season start in Wisconsin?

Youth Deer Hunt: Oct. 9-10, 2021; Gun Deer Hunt: Nov. 20-28, 2021; Muzzleloader: Nov. 29-Dec. 8, 2021; Statewide Antlerless Hunt: Dec. 9-12, 2021; Farmland Zone Holiday Hunt: Dec. 24, 2021-Jan. 1, 2022; New this year, updated bear zones will be in effect, approved as part of the 2019-2029 Wisconsin Black Bear Management Plan. Those pursuing bear this season should familiarize themselves with zone boundaries and hunting dates.

When does Wisconsin deer hunting start?

Wisconsin Deer Seasons Archery and Crossbow Sept. 12-Jan. 3 Youth Deer Oct. 10-11 Firearms Nov. 21-29 Muzzleloader Nov. 30-Dec. 9 December Antlerless Dec. 10-13 Wisconsin Deer Hunt – 12 Bucks in 5 minutes.

How many days are there in the deer hunting season?

Wednesday, Friday and Saturday of each week. Crows may also be hunted on Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day, New Year’s Day, Martin Luther King Jr. Day and Independence Day; except when these days fall on a Sunday. Refer to “Fox Hunting & Trapping Seasons” publication at www.ncwildlife.org/foxseasons.

When does deer hunting season start and end?

White-tailed deer season dates; Season Zone Dates; General: North: Nov. 6 – Jan. 2: South: Nov. 6 – Jan. 16: Youth-only: North: Oct. 30-31 & Jan. 3-16: South: Oct. 30-31 & Jan. 3-16: Special Late: North: Jan. 3-16: South: Jan. 17-30: Archery: 252 of 254 counties: Oct. 2 – Nov. 5: Muzzleloader: 90 of 254 counties: Jan. 3-16