What is better Oblix east or west?

What is better Oblix east or west?

Oblix West is more formal and sophisticated and is regarded as more of an established fine-dining restaurant. It’s also said to be more intimate, making it the ideal choice for a special occasion or a romantic dinner. Oblix West overlooks St Paul’s and across to Westminster.

Does Oblix have a dress code?

Oblix is situated on the 32nd floor of The Shard, right above London Bridge tube station. Dress Code: Smart, Casual (no gym trainers, running shoes, flip flops, beach wear or baseball caps are not allowed). Clean, fashionable sneakers will be accepted but only if worn with suitable attire.

Does Oblix have a Michelin star?

It was to prove a successful spell for both – the restaurant receiving its first Michelin star and Marcus winning Midlands Young Chef of the Year.

Are kids allowed to Oblix?

Children of all ages are welcome to dine in Oblix West at any time.

What floor is Oblix?

32nd floor
Located on the 32nd floor of The Shard, Oblix is a sophisticated, contemporary restaurant, split across two different spaces offering views across central London from East to West.

How high is Oblix at The Shard?

A dedicated lift transports you swiftly to Oblix on the 32nd floor of the Shard skyscraper, the tallest building in London at 308m (1,012ft) and described as Europe’s first vertical city. Oblix is divided into two areas – the restaurant and the bar lounge. An atmospherically low-lit passageway leads to the restaurant.

Can you wear jeans in the Oblix shard?

Hello, The dress code for all the restaurants in the Shard is that we request diners do not wear sportswear or beachwear. Jeans would be acceptable, however please be aware that trainers of any kind can be considered sportswear, so we recommend wearing a more conventional style of shoe. over a year ago.

Can you wear trainers to the Oblix shard?

Oblix. Oblix is strict when it comes to footware. Absolutely no trainers or sports shoes allowed. Otherwise the dress code is smart casual.

Who owns Oblix restaurant?

Co-founders Arjun Waney and Rainer Becker began Azumi’s journey with the opening of Zuma London in 2002. This was quickly followed by ROKA in 2004. Azumi’s restaurant portfolio has expanded to include another three brands: ETARU, Oblix at The Shard and INKO NITO.

Is there a dress code for the Shard?

No there is no dress code for the view from the Shard. It is only for the views.

Can you wear jeans in the Oblix Shard?

How high is Oblix at the Shard?

What floor is Oblix on?

Can you wear trainers to the Oblix Shard?

Can you have a coffee in The Shard?

AQUA SHARD You can get up early, or take the morning off and watch London wake up while you drink coffee and ponder which freshly baked pastry to eat next. On weekends they serve brunch, from Full English (or vegetarian) breakfasts to pancakes, with the option of having a sommelier-guided wine pairing throughout.

Is Gaucho a Michelin star?

Gaucho – Pamplona – a MICHELIN Guide Restaurant.

Is the shard restaurant Michelin star?

Is Aqua Shard a Michelin Star Restaurant? The coveted Michelin star continues to elude Aqua Shard, but the rewards continue to roll in. In 2017 Aqua Shard took second place on Bookatable’s Top 50 Best Restaurants in London, pushing aside the likes of The Ritz and even Hutong at The Shard for the podium finish.