What size battery goes in a Polaris 500?

What size battery goes in a Polaris 500?

500 Polaris Sportsman 500 H.O 1996-2013 ATV Replacement Battery – 12V 14AH (210 cca)

What size battery do I need for a 2000 Polaris Sportsman 500?

12V 14AH
500 Polaris Sportsman 500 6×6 2000-2007 ATV Replacement Battery – 12V 14AH (210 cca)

Where is the battery on Polaris Sportsman 500?

Accessing it requires removing the splash shield behind the right front tire and the left side panel. For 2010 Sportsman Touring 500 and all Sportsman Touring and Sportsman X2 models from 2007 to 2009, the battery is under the fuel tank and is accessed by removing the right side panel.

What kind of battery does my ATV use?

ATVs and quads usually require 12v batteries that are often suitable for use in motorcycles as well. A power sports battery needs to provide the high output needed to start your four-wheeler.

What type of battery is a Polaris battery?

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Brand Polaris
Vehicle Service Type UTV
Voltage 12 Volts
Battery Cell Composition Lead-Acid, AGM
Item Weight 6 Pounds

Are all 12V ATV batteries the same?

ATV batteries are not universal, and all ATV batteries are not the same. Size: ATV batteries come in a wide range of physical formats. It can not be too big as it will not fit the battery compartment of your ATV.

What size battery does an ATV use?

As mentioned above, the most common size of ATV battery is going to be a 12v battery. AGM 12v batteries are commonly going to sit between 12.5v and 13.1 (on the high end).

Where is the fuse box on a Polaris Sportsman 500?

You fuses are all in the front, just above the radiator. The tiny black MRE bag (Excellent way to describe it by the way) is a relay which can get water into it and go bad cuasing you to not get any power anywhere. There are a few threads on here about replacing it with aftermarket relays. The MRE bag is supposed to make it water-proof.

What kind of oil does a Polaris Sportsman 500 use?

What kind of oil does a Polaris Sportsman 500 use? Polaris recommends Premium 4 Synthetic 0W40 as an engine oil, as it has been specifically engineered to work with Polaris four cycle engines. This is a synthetic, multi-viscosity oil with decent film strength over a wide temperature range from minus-40 to 120 degrees Fahrenheit.

What type of coolant does a Polaris scrambler 500 take?

The Scrambler maintenance schedule calls for a complete coolant system drain and refill every two years. Polaris recommends Polaris Premium 60/40 antifreeze/coolant or a 50/50 mixture of other commercially available, aluminum compatible antifreeze/coolant and distilled water. 00:00. 00:02 09:12.

How fast is a Polaris predator 500?

The Polaris Predator 500 top speed is 73 mph, a decent baseline reading for a 415-pound ATV. In stock or mod condition, this beast usually puts out ahead of higher-cc machines. Of course, this will still slightly vary due to several factors like altitude, wind, road condition, and maintenance.