How big are white-bellied Caique?

How big are white-bellied Caique?

approximately 23 cm long
White-bellied caiques are short, stout parrots approximately 23 cm long, with a wingspan of 38 cm, and weighing an average of 165 g. They have white, hooked beaks with pink nostrils on their ceres, a patch of bare skin above bird beaks.

How long do white-bellied caiques live for?

Around 30 years
Potential lifespan: Around 30 years, though longer is not unheard of. Wild status: According to the IUCN, the White-bellied Caique is an endangered species in its natural habitat, with the population currently decreasing.

Why are white bellied Caique expensive?

Well, worry not, we’ve got that covered for you as well. Because caiques are not that commonly traded like other bird species, they are considered premium. Therefore, a white-bellied parrot can range between $750 and $2000. Furthermore, the female caiques are more expensive as compared to the males.

Are caiques better in pairs?

A unique quality about Caiques is the fact that two (or more) can be kept together as pets. With many other species of parrot, a pair will form a strong bond and exclude their human caretaker. Caiques are the exception to this rule.

Why are White-bellied Caique expensive?

Can caiques live alone?

As pets, caiques usually do well alone or in pairs, but be careful not to cage a caique with another species.

Can caique live alone?

As pets, caiques usually do well alone or in pairs, but be careful not to cage a caique with another species. They can become aggressive and deliver surprisingly harsh bites.

What does a white bellied caique look like?

White bellied caiques are quite a little bundle of fluff. With those ruffled chest feathers and a variety of vibrant tropical colors, they are without a doubt cute and pretty birds. The head is two-colored, with the upper half light orange and the lower half and the cheeks bright yellow.

How to choose a cage for a white-bellied caique?

Due to its hyper nature, this species of bird needs adequate space to move around. When choosing a cage, keep this in mind. During the hours of play they exhibit throughout the day, the White-Bellied Caique will hop and crawl around their enclosure non-stop.

Do white-bellied caique birds kill other birds?

Being territorial is that trait of a White-bellied Caique that has forced the owners to keep this bird alone in a cage, thereby, bringing him a bad reputation. They say a Caique must not be kept in the same cage as other bird pets as they will fight with a lot and might end up killing them. And sadly enough, this is not untrue.

How much does a white bellied caique parrot cost?

White Bellied Caiques for Sale $1,000.00 If you have plenty of time and energy to devote to a pet, the White Bellied Caiques may be right for you! These playful little birds are among the most beautiful of the parrot family. If you can devote enough of your time to a Caique, you will be well rewarded.