Is there a free beach at Half Moon Cay?

Is there a free beach at Half Moon Cay?

Ask anyone about Half Moon Cay, and the first thing they’ll mention is the beach. It’s beautiful and free. You’ll find plenty of free loungers available all over the beach. If you want some peace and quiet, head further down (maybe a 10-minute walk from the dock), and it’ll be much more empty and serine.

What is there to do on Half Moon Cay for free?

Check out some of the excursions and free activities I recommend when cruising to this exotic patch of land.

  • Visit Half Moon Beach.
  • Enjoy Captain Morgan’s Pirate Ship.
  • Go All-in on a Private Beach Villa.
  • Splurge on the Private Oasis.
  • Take a Nature Walk.
  • Do the Island Bike Tour.
  • Get Up Close with the Stingrays.

Do you have to pay to go to Half Moon Cay?

There is no charge for the tender to the beach and Carnival provides a bbq lunch on the island begind the pirate ship bar. Your sail & sugn card works but you will be charged even if you have purchased the drink package.

Does Half Moon Cay have a swimming pool?

There’s plenty of fun for young cruisers at Half Moon Cay. There is a special lagoon aqua park with island-themed action fun area where kids can play in the safe shallow water.

Are there bars on Half Moon Cay?

While there are four bars on Half Moon Cay Bahamas, your ship drink package will NOT work on the island. You will need to pay a la carte for drinks using your ship card or purchase an island drink package.

Is there anything to do in Half Moon Cay?

While on Half Moon Cay you can enjoy activities that don’t include the water, you can participate in volleyball, basketball, shuffleboard and horseshoes. Pick up your gear at the Sports Center, located a short distance from the Bahamian Church. Games can be played at a number of the rest shelter areas.

What to do in Half Moon Cay?

Stingray Adventure. A stingray adventure is a thrilling opportunity to meet these fascinating ocean dwellers in their own backyard.

  • Half Moon Cay Snorkel by Boat. While the enclosed stingray habitat certainly offers some unique thrills,there’s something to be said about going a bit further from shore and
  • Horseback Riding by Land and Sea.
  • Is drink package included on Half Moon Cay?

    Many passengers think that their onboard drink package (Cheers Package) will automatically carry over to Half Moon Cay. They don’t! You’ll need to purchase an additional drink package solely for your time on Half Moon Cay. The package will include up to 15 drinks per person for about $25.

    Does Half Moon Cay have WiFi?

    No wifi. No networks at all show up when you enable wifi. More sharing options… Sign up for a new account in our community. It’s easy! Already have an account?